topsCheck-In For iPad


topsCheck-in For iPad

Smooth, easy check-in The topsCheck-In for iPad™ app makes patient check-in smoother and easier than ever before.

  • Patients check in with the touch of a finger.
  • Workstations update automatically, in less than a second (13 milliseconds, to be exact!).
  • Setup is a breeze.

Patients check in using an iPad
With the topsCheck-In for iPad app, patients can use an iPad as a touch-screen check-in kiosk (instead of a computer monitor and keyboard). When patients arrive at your office, a patient will select his or her name on the touch screen to check in. Once a patient checks in, all workstations will automatically update. What’s more, topsCheck-In for iPad reflects appointment changes immediately.

No special equipment needed
All you need is a Wi-Fi network and an iPad (generation 2 or higher).

Fully customizable
The topsCheck-In for iPad app includes the same functions as the existing topsOrtho check-in app. You customize and control the messages and information shown to patients. Write your own welcome greeting. Select a one-column or two-column format. Choose the message that patients see, once they have checked in (such as “You are five minutes early for your appointment. Please take a seat in our reception area.”).

Available only with topsOrtho
The topsCheck-In for iPad app is just one of the 120-plus new features in the latest version of topsOrtho.

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