topsTotalPackage™: You’ll never buy hardware again!

So you’re ready to convert your office to 100% Real Mac, but you’re not sure where to begin? No worries. team tops has you covered.

Say hello to topsTotalPackage. In a nutshell, we’ll take care of everything. It’s kind of like getting a smart phone. Instead of buying a bunch of computers for a big chunk of cash, you’ll pay a small monthly fee and we’ll send you all new Macs® and iPads® every 3 years.

It’s fast, easy, and reliable. 100% Real Mac. And backed by really great service! Let us elaborate:

  • Our experts will guide you through selecting the perfect Mac or iPad for each staff member.
  • Your approval is made with a simple click on our digital document signature page.
  • Your new Macs and iPads will arrive at your door. Keep the boxes they came in.
  • We will ship you new gear in 3 years. Ship your old gear to us in your saved boxes.

So relax! Going 100% Real Mac is as easy as saying “Yes!” to your team tops Superhero rep.