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Platform One Text-to-Pay is now available as an add-on to your Platform One Messaging service!

Text-to-Pay is a convenient way to send payment requests to any contact within your Platform One Messaging account. Once the payment request has been sent, the contact will follow a secure link from their phone to pay their bill. This is incredibly beneficial because you can collect payments and avoid collections/write-offs without the cost of printing and mailing statements. Even collect that initial payment, providing an easy way for new patients to get started. At only $85/mo, think of how much time you’ll save, providing an easy way for your patients to pay you, right from their cell phone.

But wait, there’s MORE! For Practices with satellite locations and multiple phone numbers, you can provision those as well, for a nominal monthly fee of $50/mo per line, allowing your team and patient family to text per location.

If you’re not already using Platform One Messaging, it’s a great time to get started. With Platform One Messaging, your practice can offer the same level of convenience patients have come to expect in all areas of life. Patients and prospective patients can easily request an appointment, verify their insurance, conduct a virtual exam and receive a link to fill out forms all before they walk in the door-all via text right from your practice phone number. No phone tag ever again, and it all happens on their cell phone and is built in the topsOrtho patient chart.

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