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Introducing the
Best Practice Statistics
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This webinar will show you how COVID-19 has changed how we get our new patient starts. Jayce Deain & Jake Schwyzer explain how to remain profitable by adapting your practice to these changes.

Save Money and
Educate your Patients

Join Dr. Mark Sanchez, Dr. Chris Cosse & Dr. Jeff Silmon as they discuss how you can easily communicate and educate your patients virtually! Learn how Braces Academy can reduce the time in the chair, help you receive the customer feedback you’ve always wanted, and keep you connected with your patients outside the office!

How I Started 80 New Patients While My Office was Closed

Dr. Blackman tells us how his team was able to sign up 80 NEW PATIENTS, while being closed. Learn how a strong brand and the teleOrthodontic powers of Platform One make his practice thrive, increase the team’s efficiency, and cut down on office visits while giving patients much more flexibility.

You Will Lose Staff Members! Learn to Hire a 100% A-team.

Prepare your practice for the coming changes in staffing. Some practices will lose staff members for health, economic, and family reasons. You will have staff changes. Learn how to find and hire superstars from the huge pool of people currently unemployed. Discover the secrets that built the great reputation of team tops. Hosted by Founder/CEO Dr. Mark Sanchez and our superb HR Manager, Jenna Berasa!

Innovate Like Cole to Stay in Touch with Your Patients.

To continue patient care during office closure, Dr. Cole Johnson—a long-time user of topsOrtho™—has created videos to explain to each patient what they need to do while they can’t visit the office. One of these 10 videos is texted to each patient on the day of their scheduled appointment. The staff member sending the day’s patients each a text selects one of the videos that apply to that patient’s situation. 

Platform One™: the teleOrthodontic Platform

Hosted by our Founder/CEO Dr. Mark Sanchez, this Free live webinar will give you the ins and outs of how your practice can conduct virtually every procedure remotely. From the first inquiry text to that last shot of a beautiful smile, we’ll show you how you can operate and grow your practice online.

Defeating the Forces of Evil! Protect your Practice from Ransomware.

Watch the recorded security webinar hosted by our Founder/CEO Dr. Mark Sanchez.