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URGENT Information about your Appointment Reminders

The current environment and the extra need to communicate carefully with our patients has required us to evaluate how we use the text messaging component of tops Appointment Reminders.

Our system was designed to handle SMS reminder messages that are longer than the standard SMS maximum of 160 characters by splitting them into 2 or more individual messages of 160 characters each. To assist your office in limiting the characters contained in your messages and reminders, we have added a character counter.

If the character limit is exceeded, the message will turn red and will not be sent or saved.

Unfortunately, a large number of practices using our SMS reminders have included full documentation of new office protocols within the reminder message during the past few months. Used in that manner, our system has generated as many as 28 individual messages to each patient for a single appointment. Of course, the patient experience in such cases is not great. Additionally, this has increased our backend expenses many fold.

We want to avoid raising our fees to cover these new costs, so we ask that if you wish to include lengthy info in your reminders, make a web page for your practice website, and include the link to that page in your reminders.
To prevent such large cost overruns in the future, we must now limit the number of characters to 480 per reminder (3 messages of 160). This limit will take place Friday, August 14. Please edit your reminder messages by then. Any reminder messages sent after that date will be truncated.

Thanks for Rockin’ it with tops!