topsOrtho 8.6.1 is here!

We have another People’s Choice Release coming your way—just in time for the holidays!

To start things off- topsOrtho version 8.6.1 includes: workstation compatibility for macOS Big Sur (11.0.X)!

You always have lots of great suggestions on improving topsOrtho™, so we’ve included some of those suggestions in our latest update.

For helping us improve, a big ol’ shout-out goes to:

Dr. Jason Vives, Dr. Kelly Taylor, and Dr. David McConville, who requested the ability to
filter the Referral Analysis Report by both Office Location and Orthodontist.

Dr. Tyler Prentice, Dr. Harold Enoch, Dr. Ronald Miller, Dr. Larry Smedley, Dr. Michael Robertson, and Dr. Elana Black, who requested the ability to
filter the Financial Day Sheet and Transaction Audit Trail by Office Entered or Patient’s Assigned Office.

There may be offices who requested these improvements that didn’t get recognized, so how about an all-around fist bump!

And about that update…

If you are using topsOrtho 8.5.5 or higher, you will be updated automatically over the next few days to topsOrtho version 8.6.1. It will be automatic; you don’t have to do a thing. If you are using topsOrtho version 8.1.8 or lower, we’ll need some info before we can update you to 8.6.1. You must coordinate the update with us.
Contact me at, and I’ll get you the info you need.