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Close-Supervision Patients in topsOrtho

Some patients need to be monitored closely to avoid overshooting the mark and with topsOrtho™ you can find all these patients within the D7Matrix™. The steps below will help you find them but please note that this will only work if you have been placing arch wire sizes into the arch wire box/field and if they have been placing elastics on the tooth model.

Click on Matrix > D7 Patient Care Tracking on the menu bar

Click the drop-down option in the upper left and select to order patients via Method, Phase, and Status under Treatment Summaries for Today

You will see Treatment Methods listed to help obtain a list of high priority appliance patients to potentially contact. To select an appliance, hold the option key down on the keyboard while clicking the disclosure triangle to the left of the appliance

You can double click on the patient name to open the clinical side of the patient chart to review treatment notes and previous instructions before contacting the patient.

Click on Matrix > Treatment Notes

Select from the drop-down option All Treatment Notes in a Date Range…

When prompted, select your date range and click Use Selected Date Range

You can then sort the list by clicking on the column labeled AWs (archwires) and Elastics