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AAO Office Closure Steps

AAO Recommended Office Closure Steps:

These are the AAO’s recommendations regarding office closures. Please visit their website for the most up-to-date information.

  1. Notify your employees: Access HR-related information that the AAO has compiled, which includes a variety of recommendations regarding the coronavirus and team members.
    • Explain why the decision was made and provide the planned time frame for the closure.
  2. Develop a process and assign responsibilities for notifying patients and re-scheduling appointments.
  3. Notify your patients:
    • Develop a written announcement for social media, the practice website and a possible email to patients. Explain why the decision was made and provide the planned time frame for the closure.
  4. Notify any other key suppliers, especially those that may have pending or regularly scheduled shipments.
  5. Reschedule appointments.
    • If patients will be called by your team for re-scheduling, clearly state such information in your closure announcement so you are leading the charge, and patients aren’t all trying to call and re-schedule at once.
  6. Mitigate the long-term financial impact on your practice and utilize AAO financial resources related to COVID-19.
  7. Stay in touch. Keep your patients and team members informed with virtual meetings and social media.
  8. Monitor the AAO’s COVID-19 Resource Center for updated information daily and keep an eye on recommendations and news from health agencies.
  9. Earn continuing education credit. Now is a great time to stay connected with the orthodontic community virtually. Explore our upcoming educational opportunities.
  10. Prepare for when you reopen.