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Reminders+™ Now Available

Reminders+™ is an optional enhancement to Platform One’s Reminders service, and it includes some rockin’ new features!

Custom Reminders by Appointment Type

Want to send a customized appointment reminder to all of your patients scheduled for a Virtual Consultation? Well, now you can and be as specific as you want in your reminder. From reminding your virtual appointments not to drive to the office to reminding patients to bring their retainers, you can create as many custom reminders as you’d like! We even added the ability to include multiple appointment types!

Post-Appointment Survey and Review Requests

Providing your patients with an opportunity to share their wonderful practice experiences is important to practice growth.

Post-Appointment Surveys help you understand how your patient’s experience was during their appointment and helps your practice keep a finger on the pulse of how you’re doing each day.

Post-Appointment Reviews are an easy way to take control and increase your online reviews, give you valuable in-sight, and help to promote your practice! Let the wonderful experiences of your patient family connect you with new treatment opportunities.

Platform One Reminders+ automatically sends text and/or emails following patient appointments with a customizable review request like a thumbs up, thumbs down or stars. It also includes your social media review links to post a review on Google, Yelp or Facebook. Want to get feedback on all or only a few Appointment Types? Sure, you can do that! Help them share their excitement about your practice by selecting appointment types like your Debond, Bonding, or New Patient when they are most excited about sharing their experience.

If you’re not already using Platform One Reminders, it’s a great time to get started. To sign up for Reminders, upgrade to Reminders+, or learn more, fill out the info below, and we’ll help you get started today!

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