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Staff and Marketing Projects

Project ideas for staff to do while working from home.

  • Watch topsOrtho training videos.
  • If you have been waiting to update topsOrtho, this may be a great time to update.
  • tops also has an easy and affordable way to update your hardware. If you need to update hardware call and ask about topsTotalPackage.
  • Educate patients on orthodontic care they can practice at home.
  • Send pediatric patients’ guardians activity resources for kids. Some parents—including your staff—may be at home with their kids, so sending some resources like the ones below will help to continue their learning—which has more than likely been interrupted.
  • Create Social media graphics to have for the year (canva.com = free graphics resource) (hootsuite.com = social media scheduling assistant).
    • Holidays.
    • Staff Birthdays.
    • Social media contests: Have patients tag selfies of themselves during this time to keep your patients engaged, have them send photos of their home school set-up, etc.
  • Create a Referral Incentive program.
  • Send out incentives for patients to create testimonials.
  • Set up an email campaign.
  • Review your current website to make sure it is up-to-date.