🚨***This is a Tops Public Service 9.5.1 Update Announcement to be SHARED with your ENTIRE team***🚨

We are releasing Tops version 9.5.1 over the next week or so and you are on the list! After your Tops update, your workstations may ask you to allow the new Tops version to access your keychain. This is due to new security protocols on newer macOS versions. 

Here’s what you may see after the next Tops update:

This is asking you for the macOS workstation/user login password. Team Tops does not have this password on file. 

This is NOT the Fingerprint or your Tops password. 

Do NOT click Deny.  If you do, please reboot the workstation and login to Tops again. You’ll be asked to put in the "login" keychain password again (not your Tops password or the Practice Fingerprint). Then click the Always Allow button. 

Things you’ll need to succeed:

Your macOS workstation/user login password (not Tops). 

Note: If you do not normally enter a password here then first talk to the person/team that setup your workstation. 

You'll need the macOS user login info to proceed. 

A one-time process you’ll need to follow:

  1. When you attempt to log in to Tops, you may be prompted with a message you don't normally see.
  2. Enter the password you use to log in to macOS (not Tops).
  3. Make sure to click the "Always Allow" button to not see this message again.

That should be it!

Here are some more details:

If you find that one of your Tops workstations asks for the practice fingerprint, it is likely that the Deny button was clicked earlier in the day.

To handle this, reboot the workstation and log in to Tops again. You'll be asked to put in the "login" keychain password again (not your Tops password). Then click the Always Allow button.