The topsOrtho™ cost advantage

You may have heard that topsOrtho costs more than other practice management systems. Don’t believe it for a minute! In fact, up-front costs can be the same—or less—than with other systems. Plus, topsOrtho actually saves you money over time. Here’s how.

What’s the true cost of owning a practice management system? Our competitors don’t talk about it, because topsOrtho is the clear winner.

Reduce your IT costs dramatically—and get a much better product—with topsOrtho. Find out how we can save you money. Call us at +1 770.627.2527, or send an e-mail to

Hardware and software

Don’t be fooled by PC ads; the deceptively low prices don’t include everything you’ll need to run the PC and a Windows-based practice management system.

Here are just a few of the “extras” you’ll need in the Windows/PC world:

  • Microsoft Office or Word for every computer creating or viewing letters
  • Microsoft Server, software and user licenses
  • Microsoft SQL and user licenses
  • Backup software, database software and anti-virus software licenses
  • Terminal services software licenses
  • Upgrade costs for these every 3-4 years

Macs have all the essentials built right in, and so does topsOrtho. No hidden charges, no additional expenses. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s how we do business.

Additional offices
  • No Terminal Services or Citrix required
  • No VPN required
  • T1 data lines are not required; business grade cable modem and DSL data lines work fine.
  • Enjoy 100 percent of the same functions in every one of your offices. There are no limitations for adding X-rays, scanners, printers, cameras, etc., at any topsOrtho computer.
Network support
  • How much time and money are you spending to maintain your network?
  • You can add a Mac with topsOrtho to your network by yourself; it’s that easy.
  • topsOrtho Mac networks cost less to maintain and support. Many tops customers report spending nothing on maintenance and support.
  • You can work with our talented community of hardware technicians to receive the best installation experience.
But… “I have PCs already and it’s too costly to switch” (Not!)
  • PCs are typically upgraded every two to three years with new hardware.
  • You can use Mac minis for your topsOrtho workstations; they cost less than $600 US.
  • By working with our implementation team and shopping smart, we can almost always keep the hardware cost of transitioning to topsOrtho less than what you’d spend if you upgraded to another Windows system.
  • Review your total costs — hardware and software, multi-office T1 lines and network maintenance — and you can pay for a new topsOrtho system in less than three years.