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Patient Communication
During COVID-19

To continue patient care during office closure, Dr. Cole Johnson—a long-time user of topsOrtho™—has created videos to explain to each patient what they need to do while they can’t visit the office. One of these 10 videos is texted to each patient on the day of their scheduled appointment. The staff member sending the day’s patients each a text selects one of the videos that apply to that patient’s situation. 

Main points that Dr. J is aiming to convey to each patient:

  • The Doctor is still thinking of them.
  • They will continue their treatment without visiting the office. 
  • Remind the patient that braces will continue to work whether we see them or not. 

Some video tips from Dr. Johnson:

  • Create a visual key to help when sending the video (Dr. Johnson wears a different color tie in each video so the staff member can identify the topic of each video and select the correct one for each individual patient).
  • Use iMovie—located on an Apple device—to make your videos.
  • Add static images or examples to help the patient.
  • Make an intro video to explain how they will receive videos to continue their treamtent. 

Dr. Cole Johnson

Dr. Cole Johnson


Dr. Johnson received his dental training from Oregon Health & Science University. There, his academic excellence was recognized and he received a butt-load of super awesome accolades. He served as President of some pretty amazing organizations with all kinds of fancy acronyms for names. The acronyms even had like a bunch of K’s, H’s, and Q’s…not your typical stupid letters (like A’s, R’s, and S’s).  Anyway, after receiving his dental degree in Oregon, he beat out a whole bunch of wannabes and turds and was selected to attend the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University for his Orthodontic residency. There Dr. Johnson did all the important researches, made all the good class grades, and what not. Anyway, trust me when I say he was into some pretty impressive stuff. He now owns a bunch of rare antiques, plays mini golf at all the expensive theme parks, eats out like ALL the time and even tips pretty well (unless you sub micro-arugula for regular arugula – smh). Anyway, it’s important that you know about all this stuff BEFORE you hear his talk so you’ll give him a chance even if he trips on the way up, or his fly is down, or he accidentally says a super hilarious joke that you find highly offensive.