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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Reminders+™?

Read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to find your answer.

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Custom Appointment Reminders

Q: Will patients get a standard reminder and custom reminder?

A: No, the custom appointment reminders will “overwrite” the standard reminder, as long as the appointment is of that selected appointment type.

Q: How many custom reminders can an office setup?

A: As many as they want. The only limitation on number of sliders is that each appointment type can only appear once.

Q: What Appointment Reminders notifications are available?

A: Each Custom Reminders is allowed 2 text and unlimited email notifications.

Q: When an office adds a new Appointment type to the Practice Setup, when will that Appointment Type by available to Custom Reminders?

A: After nightly upload which is currently 2:00a local server time.

Q: Does the Custom Appointment reminder replace the standard “Next Appointment” Reminder?

A. Only if the patient’s next appointment one of the Appointment Types selected for a Custom Reminder. Q: What are good examples for custom appointment reminders? A: Initial Exams, Consultations, Virtual Appointments

Post-Appointment Survey and Review Generation

Q: When is the Post Appointment Survey and Review Request sent to the patient?

A: The Post Appointment Survey is sent 24 hours after the appointment is marked as completed in topsOrtho via Patient Flow. The Follow-Up Review Request is sent immediately after the patient clicks the thumbs or stars in the Post Appointment Survey Initial Request – unless Social Media links are included in the Post Appointment Surveys and Review Initial Request, then no Follow-Up Review Request is sent. An Appointment is marked as completed in topsOrtho when the Patient Flow Status is anything other than Late, Missed, or Coming.

Q: Are the thumbs up/thumbs down or stars reviews sent to the practice?

A: Yes, when a patient responds to a Post Appointment Survey and Review request, the responses appears in the inbox under Comm -> Appointment Reminders Messages. Responses are also available in the practice’s email inbox.

Q: Is the review visible in the thread of the patient reminders or a separate thread ?

A: The review responses via text will be same thread as the patient’s reminders but responses via email will be a new thread.

Q: When a patient misses an Appointment, does the Initial Request email/text still get sent?

A: No.

Q: If a patient reschedules an appointment on the same day (i.e reschedules 9:00a appt to 3:00p that day), does the Initial Request email/text still get sent?

A: No.

Q: Will a same day appointment receive a review email after completing the appointment?

A. Yes.

Q: Can a patient choose a combination of both thumbs and stars? (i.e. thumbs up and 3 stars)

A: No, they can choose one or the other but not both.

Q: Can a patient respond with the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down emoji in text responses?

A: Yes.

Q: Is an account required in order to leave a review on Google, Yelp, and/or Facebook?

A: Facebook– yes, you must have a Facebook Account in order to leave a review for the practice on their Facebook page

Yelp– No, you can leave an anonymous review on Yelp without an account.

Google– No, you can leave a review without having to create a gmail account but most people have one.

Here’s a site that explains how to leave a review without a gmail account.

Q: What if a patient does not want to get Post Appointment Surveys and Review requests?

A: If the patient does not want to receive emails or texts from the practice, uncheck the email or text options from the patients file. Note: this will also prevent that patient from receiving Appointment Reminders.

Q: Is there a report that allows the office to view information, analytics, and survey/review responses?

A. Not at this time. We are looking into adding the analytics and summary reports soon.

Q. Does the Practice have to send a Follow-up Review Invitation?

A. No, if the practice includes their Social Media Links in the Initial Post-Appointment Survey Request, the Follow-Up Review Invitation will not be sent.

Q: Does a practice have to include social media links? If not, what happens if they don’t?

A. No, social media links are not required. If they do not include Social Media links the only feedback the office will receive are direct comments and the thumbs/stars responses.

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