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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What phone number is displayed as the source of the SMS reminders?

The patient will see a regular 10-digit phone number with an area code from the same area as the practice’s landline phone. In areas with multiple area codes that overlap, the area code of the SMS reminder will be one within that group of codes.

Is it one of those special short numbers? i.e 282-70


Can the doctor choose the source phone numbers?

No. The assignment of numbers is an automated process that doesn’t take requests. Each of the practice’s office locations is assigned 2 source phone numbers.

Are the reminders sent from the same phone number as our Platform One Advanced Messaging Service?

No. Advanced Messaging is most often paired with the landline phone number for the practice. In cases where that can’t be done, the Advanced Messaging phone number will likely be different than the Reminders SMS number. This may change in the future.

If a patient calls the phone number of the SMS reminder source, what happens?

The call is forwarded to the number the practice has specified during setup. Typically, this will be the landline phone number of the practice. Separate forwarding phone numbers can be assigned to each of a practice’s office locations.

Can you tell an SMS Reminders from an email Reminder?

Yes, in the Messages Dashboard an SMS Reminder is a chat icon and an email Reminder is an envelope icon.

When are reminders sent?

Reminders sent the same day as the appointment are sent one hour before the appointment time but never before 7 AM. e.g. if a patient has an appointment at 8:00 AM, and the “Next Appointment” text reminder is set to go out 2 hours prior to the appointment, this patient will get a reminder at 7:00 AM. Reminders for appointments on future days with an appointment time between 10 AM and 8 PM are sent at the same hour as the appointment. All times are local to the practice.

When are reminders sent for Missed Appointments?

For appointments that are “Missed”, reminders will not be sent until 10:00 AM the next day even if the time line is set to an hour after the appointment time. The best practice is to set the “Missed Appointment” reminders to at least one (1) day.

What is the minimum macOS for Platform One Appointment Reminders?

Platform One Appointment Reminder Settings can be created or edited using macOS version 10.11 or higher. Platform One Appointment Reminder can be viewed on macOS versions 10.10 and 10.9, but Platform One Appointment Reminder Settings cannot be created or edited on these macOS versions.

How are reminders handled for multiple patient appointments on a single day?

If a patient has multiple appointments at different times on a single day, only the first appointment reminder for the day will be sent.

Where can the practice staff see replies to Platform One Appointment Reminders?

When patients respond to an appointment reminder, the response appears in an inbox under Comm -> Appointment Reminders Messages. There are no badges or notifications. Open the inbox to see the responses. The practice staff can respond to those messages in the Messages inbox.

Email Reminder Questions

What email address will the patient see as the source email address?

The source email address is your practice name. Example: your_practice_name@myappointment.guru If a patient replies to this email address, the email will be forwarded to your preferred office email address.

Is there a way to tell if an email was opened?

Not at this time, but stay tuned as we are always improving our Platform One Appointment Reminder service. However, If patients respond to the email, however, their response appears in the Comm -> Appointment Reminders Messages window within Platform One.

Is there a way for doctors to email their entire patient list?

This is not part of the basic Platform One Appointment Reminders feature set at this time but may be added in future versions

SMS (text) Reminder Questions

Do Emojis work in the text reminders? Yes, patients can respond with a thumbs up and the office can see this in the Messages page.

Can the practice staff send an individual text message to a patient?

No. The system is designed only for appointment reminders and replies to patient responses to those reminders.

Recipient Questions

Can multiple people (dad, mom, grandma, patient) receive the SMS reminders? Can multiple people receive email reminders?

Not at this time, but stay tuned as we are always improving our Platform One Appointment Reminder service. Currently, a single recipient is sent an sms for each patient appointment. If a patient has multiple appointments on a single day, the first appointment of the day triggers a reminder, and the following appointments that day do not trigger reminders.

If a patient/parent has “read receipt” activated on their iPhone, can the practice staff tell that the SMS reminder was read? Not at this time, but stay tuned as we are always improving our Platform One Appointment Reminder service.

What phone number from the patient’s chart receives the SMS reminders?

Phone numbers are scanned in the following order: The account holder numbers are examined starting top left in the Patient Info window for Account Holders (both 1 & 2). The order is top left, top right, bottom left. The first of phone number with a label of “SMS” is used, either Account 1 or 2. If none of the Account Holders have the label of “SMS”, then the first that has either a “Mobile” or “Cell” label is used- either Account 1 or 2. If the account does not have any phone numbers with those labels, the patient phone numbers are examined left to right, in order. Again, the first phone number to have an “SMS” label will be used. “Mobile” or “Cell” are used if neither patient phone number has the “SMS” label. If no phone numbers are labeled “SMS”, “Mobile”, or “Cell”, we will try to send the text to a phone number labeled as “Home” in the event the phone label was incorrect. If the patient does want to receive SMS reminders, uncheck the SMS preference in the patient’s file.

What email address from the patient’s chart receives the email reminders? The Account Holder’s email address is used. If the Account Holder doesn’t have an email address, the Patient’s email address is used. In the case of divorced parents, which gets the appointment reminder? If Account Holder 1 includes phone number labeled as “SMS”, and the second Account Holder also has a phone number labeled “SMS”, The first account will get the appointment reminder. Currently, only one SMS appointment reminder is sent.

For married patients, who gets the appointment reminder? In the case of a married, adult couple where one spouse is the Account Holder for both, the account holder will receive all appointment reminders for all patients associated with this account, including the spouse. Best Practice for this situation is to not enter any numbers labeled SMS, Cell, or Mobile under the account holder. Instead, enter and label an “SMS” number for both adults in the patient info section of the Patient Info window.

Activation Questions

What does “go live” mean?

Once a practice has signed up for Platform One Appointment Reminders, the information provided by the practice is used to set up and configure that practice’s reminders. You will receive a video to watch which will guide you in configuring your Appointment Reminder settings. Once your office has viewed the video, you will have a brief phone call with a Services Team member to finish configuration.

How long after the doctor submits the service request and practice information document until their reminders go live?

Once the “go live” date is provided to our Services Team

Data Upload Questions

How many times a day is the reminder system pulling the data from the Platform One appointment book?

The reminders system is refreshed every morning around 4 AM with data from the last rollover at 12:30 AM.

Are reminders sent for appointments made the same day?

Appointments made on same day will not get an appointment reminder as rollover has not yet occurred.

Availability Questions

In what countries/regions are Platform One Appointment Reminders available?

Email appointment reminders are available worldwide for all practices running Platform One 8.0 or higher.

SMS reminders are currently available in the United States, Australia, Ireland and Canada. Each country has specific SMS requirements, so we are rolling those out sequentially. SMS for New Zealand, and additional countries will be announced as they become available.

Platform One Appointment Reminder Setting Questions

When are Recall Reminders sent?

Recall reminders are sent prior to the recall target date listed in Platform One depending on the settings, e.g. 15 days prior to the Recall Target date listed in Platform One.

Must the SMS and email wording match in the Settings Appointment Reminders window?

Email messages use HTML and format nicely. You can also add an image to the email reminder. There are place holders to use by typing the “@” sign for both SMS and email reminders. Each message can have its own, independent wording.

How does the “Always Send” checkbox affect Platform One Appointment Reminders?

For a given event—Initial Appointment, for example—the messages in the timeline are sent in sequence until the patient responds. All messages in the timeline after a response is received are not sent unless the Always Send checkbox is checked. The message with Always Send checked will be sent even if the rest of the sequence has been stopped by a patient response.

Is a First Appointment setting mandatory?

The “First Appointment” event is not mandatory. The practice can begin sending reminders with any event using “Next Appointment” messages. Alternatively, the practice can choose to send only “Missed Appointment” reminders.

Why can I not see all the available placeholder variables in the message setup window?

There are too many variables to display all of them on the dropdown when only `@` is selected. The list of options only shows 5 results to make sure everything fits nicely on the page. When you type just an ‘@’ the system doesn’t know which results to show so it just shows a random selection of variables. The more letters you type provides the system with more information, and the system displays results closer to what you are looking for. If you start typing the variable you’re looking for, it will be displayed. i.e. For the appointment time variable, type “@app” and you’ll see the appointment time variable displayed.

How do I add Hyperlinks to an email appointment reminder? Type the title of the hyperlink (i.e. Platform One) and highlight the title text. Right-click on the title text and chose the hyperlink icon.

Can an image be inserted into a text/SMS reminder? No, you cannot send images via text because images are not part of the Unicode library that is used for text messages.

How many SMS reminders and email reminders are permitted for each event type?

Each Event can contain an unlimited number of email messages and one (1) SMS reminder. However, one (1) additional SMS message—a total of 2 SMS messages—can be set for the “Next Appointment” Event as this is the most common type of appointment reminder.

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