Converting your existing data to topsOrtho™

When you join the tops family of practices, we’ll transfer the data from your existing practice management system to topsOrtho™.

We can convert from the following systems:
Cloud9Ortho OPMS DOS Orthosoft
DentalMac OPMS Win Orthotrac Classic
Dolphin Ortho II DOS Orthotrac Office
EasyDental Ortho II Win Orthoware DOS
IMS Ortho II Edge Orthoware Win
MacBraces Orthochart Walrus
Oasys Orthoease
What do you convert?

topsOrtho converts demographic information from your current practice management system, including patient and account holder names, addresses and phone numbers, patient date of birth, gender, dentist name, and orthodontist (for multi-doctor practices). Additional data can be retrieved, and varies depending upon your current system and which version you may have. No practice management system will convert every piece of data from your current system.

Can images from my old system be brought into tops?

Yes, your existing images can be imported into your tops management system. We are adept at converting from Dolphin Imaging, PracticeWorks Imaging and VistaDent; speak with our implementation director for information regarding any limitations.

Will my other PC/Windows data convert to Mac?

Yes. Moving your existing information (anything other than your practice management data) is super easy.

What kind of help do you need from my office staff for a conversion?

Successful migration from one practice management system to another requires preparation. We ask that you designate a liaison for the process — someone who gets things done promptly and who is detail-oriented. We’ll work with that person to set the schedule. tops has created a guidebook for you to use during the process, and we hold your hand throughout. Most office liaisons spend 15-20 hours working directly with the tops team during the course of the implementation process, with an additional 10-15 hours of prep work.

What’s the downtime for a conversion? Will I have access to my data? Can I make changes?

Your office will not be “down” at any point for conversion. We usually retrieve data files after office hours so that we don’t interfere with your access to patient information. Changes can be made to your existing data even after the first set of trial data is pulled. A final set of data is pulled just before your training begins so that any changes you’ve made will also appear in your new topsOrtho database.

How soon after conversion are we trained on topsOrtho?

Immediately! We’d never let you go without training once your data is moved into topsOrtho. Several weeks before your data conversion is scheduled, we conduct a trial conversion so you can review it and make sure everything looks good. We then tweak things if necessary. The night before your training begins (so as to incorporate up-to-the-minute data), we finalize the conversion. For most offices, it looks like this: tops finalizes the data conversion on Sunday and you participate in training beginning Tuesday morning. Our goal is for you and your team to begin using topsOrtho immediately upon completion of the training.