Emergency Preparation

Dear Tops friend, 

We understand that your practice may be preparing for an emergency. So, we’ve put together a checklist that you can use, to ensure you can access your practice information if there is a disaster. 


  • Back up your server on two external backup drives. A clean and recent backup will save your practice data if there’s a hardware failure. Over the years, we’ve been able to restore Tops in about an hour to practices with good backups. Without a backup, your data can be lost forever.   
  • If you are backing up using Time Machine, you will need to connect one external drive, find the Time Machine icon in the menu bar, and select Back Up Now. When the backup is completed, eject this drive, replace it with a second drive, and repeat the process. 
  • Place the two backup drives into separate waterproof containers or zippered plastic bags (one in each bag), to protect them from water damage. Take the two external backup drives and give them to two different people to take offsite: one backup drive for the doctor, and one to a trusted staff member. 

Miscellaneous Preparation 

  • Print appointment lists of patients that will be seen for the next week. You will need to include their phone numbers, appointment date and time, procedure, and finances. You can find this information in Tops under Matrix > Appointments > enter your date range and then change the column headers to reflect the desired information. 
  • Print the appointment book for the next week. 
  • Other things you might want to consider: 
    ✔️ Change your message on your voicemail (or with your service).   
    ✔️ Post a sign on the office door.
    ✔️ Develop a plan that allows you to notify your staff and patients of the office closing. 

Server and Workstation Preparation 

  • Shut down workstations and unplug from power (in case of power surges). 
  • Shut down the server using the Tops Server Utility Window
  • If there is a possibility of flooding, move the server and all workstations to a higher location. If you plan to move the server to another location, be sure to take the mouse, keyboard, and monitor—with all connecting cables. 

Send an e-mail to Tops support at support@topsortho.com with your emergency phone number and your personal email address, so we can reach you in case your office phone and/or e-mail isn’t working. 

If power or Internet is out at the main location, and you have another location where you will see patients, take your server to that location (remember your keyboard, mouse, monitor, and cables). Contact Tops at +1 770.627.2527 to help you get your server up and running in this location. 

If you have questions, please contact our support team at +1 770.627.2527 or support@topsOrtho.com

Please stay safe! 

Team Tops