About tops

All about team tops!

Dr. Mark Sanchez of Atlanta created topsOrtho™ in 1992 for one simple reason: he couldn’t find a good computer program to help manage his new orthodontic practice.


With programming skills acquired while pursuing a Ph.D. in physics, Mark wrote the software program on his beloved Mac. Several orthodontist friends soon bought copies, and tops Software was launched.

In the late 1990s, Apple announced an upgraded operating system, the Mac OS X, built on the powerful UNIX platform. Mark began studying UNIX, and hired Aaron Hillegass, who was, Mark said, “pretty much the world’s leader in programming UNIX on the Mac.” Aaron had taught the programmers at NeXT and Apple, and since then, at Pixar and Google. Aspiring to create the most technologically advanced orthodontic practice management system possible, the two began building it from scratch.

topsXtreme™ was released in 2004, and existing tops Software customers were upgraded at no charge. “It was a ton of work, but they stuck with tops while we created the new program, and we felt it was important to reward their loyalty,” Mark said. topsXtreme was re-named topsOrtho in late 2008.

Since 2004, the company has grown at a rate of 50 percent annually. We have customers around the globe, with a retention rate of nearly 100 percent.

The tops team has become a high-performing, customer-focused organization, with outstanding programming, administrative, support, sales and training professionals.

We’re constantly releasing new products and adding new features to our flagship topsOrtho product.

In short, we’re not resting on our many laurels, because we know you want the best — just as Mark did way back in 1992.

Try it, and we know you’ll love it. Get a demo today.