Office Closure Resources for Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminder Enhancements

We have been busy helping our practices communicate with their patients and have also finished a new enhancement release for Appointment Reminders. 

The new enhancement will allow practices that are using topsOrtho Appointment Reminders and are running topsOrtho 8.3.0 or higher to message scheduled patients 3 and 4 weeks ahead in addition to the 1 and 2 weeks

If you don’t already have topsOrtho Appointment Reminders, sign-up now through March 31, 2020 and get the first month free. Appointment Reminders services are only offered on 6-month auto-renewal contract.

To learn more or sign up: text +1 770.627.2527 or email 

Appointment Reminder Tips

With the News focused on the Coronavirus, your office may need to send notice to your patients concerning the practice, hour changes, closing, etc. We have steps you can take to send out using Appointment Reminders.

If you are currently using topsOrtho Appointment Reminders and are running topsOrtho 8.3.0 or higher, here are the steps to send an SMS/E-Mail to any scheduled patients: 

  1. Click the Comm Menu from the Menu Bar and click the Alert Scheduled Patients tab.
  2. Select the Doctors and Locations from the popup menu.
  3. Select the Time Frame. i.e Today, Tomorrow, This week, etc.
  4. Click the TEXT ALL or EMAIL ALL.
  5. Compose the Message to your Scheduled Patients.
  6. Click the Preview Icon and enter the number or email address to receive the Message Preview and click Send Preview.
  7. Review the Message and make any changes. Resend the Message Preview, if necessary.
  8. Once you have approved the Message, click the Send icon to send the Message to your Scheduled Patients.
  9. When you click the Send icon, you will receive a prompt to leave reminders on or turn reminders off.  Once a selection is made, the Send the Message button will activate and you will click to send the message.

For offices utilizing topsOrtho Appointment Reminders, but not running topsOrtho 8.3.0 or higher, please contact

  1. Doctor’s Name and locations affected (e.g. all locations).
  2. Practice Name.
  3. Time period for the notification (e.g. Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week).
  4. The exact message they want sent to their patients (which will be copied + pasted)  *we cannot send attachments.

Currently Offering One-Month FREE if you Sign-up Now-March 31st.

(SMS & Email Appointment Reminders Available in USA, Canada, and Australia; Email Reminders Available International)

  • SMS Appointment Reminders: 2-way text messaging that makes it easy for patients to respond to the Appointment Reminder. 
  • The clean setup and cascading reminder scheduling make it extremely flexible. ALL built into topsOrtho and automatic.
  • No uploading of a list or clicking a send button everyday.
  • Customize reminder messages using pre-set variables such as patient name, appointment time and date, etc.
  • You can now Alert Scheduled Patients via SMS or email to notify them in the event of inclement weather or other emergencies! Even better, this new feature is automatically included with Appointment Reminders at no additional charge!

Platform One Services Tips

Things are changing everyday and the way you use you’re services will have to change with it.
Click on the icons below for tips and information on how to use them best during the next couple weeks.





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