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Compliant Messaging Tips

With the News focused on the Coronavirus, your office may need to do virtual visits. This short video gives you a better idea of how you can leverage Rhinogram to boost new patient acquisition and develop better relationships with your patients through virtual visits. Virtual Consultations with Rhinogram

Sample Announcement:

​XXX Orthodontics changes due to COVID-19

Our team is very appreciative of the cooperation and understanding of the following necessary and temporary changes. The office will be closed until further notice. Please follow the steps below if you have any questions:

  • New Patients and Recall appointments will be scheduled for virtual exams. Text us at XXX-XXX-XXX for instructions.
  • Existing patients with braces will be scheduled XX weeks out, with a virtual check in XX weeks. Text us at XXX-XXX-XXX for instructions.
  • Invisalign treatments and retainer checks will be done virtually. Text us at XXX-XXX-XXX for instructions.
  • Our virtual visits will consist of 3 or more photos of the patients’ teeth text to us through our Compliant Messaging powered by Rhinogram Platform. Text us at XXX-XXX-XXX for instructions.
  • All emergency/repairs correspondence please text us a picture.

Any questions or concerns? Please text us a picture. 

Platform One Compliant SMS Messaging powered by Rhinogram:

(Available in US only)

Just a few super cool things you can do with Platform One Compliant SMS Messaging powered by Rhinogram:

  • True, two-way texting on your main phone number- HIPAA compliant and encrypted.
  • Exchange pictures and files easily.
  • No additional data entry, it’s built in to topsOrtho.
  • Facebook Messenger Integration (no checking multiple places).
  • Web Form replaces your expensive chat tool.
  • Conduct orthodontic virtual consultations from the comfort of prospective patient’s homes and open up a new stream of business! 
  • Assign and route messages to the right people or groups .
  • Team Chat.
  • Reputation Management: Manually text a link to access your Google or Yelp review page for your team to easily boost your review submissions by as much as 50% if your team sends the links. 

To learn more or sign up: text +1 770.627.2527 or email 

Platform One Services Tips

Things are changing everyday and the way you use you’re services will have to change with it.
Click on the icons below for tips and information on how to use them best during the next couple weeks.





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