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With the News focused on the Coronavirus, your office may need to send out prescriptive videos, texts and images. If you are not able to show a patient how to do something in person you can send an education video instead.

Built-in to topsOrtho™. No more constantly repeating brushing, flossing, appliance instructions and more. Braces Academy Prescriptive Education allows you to send educational videos, instructional text, elastic images and more through text and email, reducing instructional time spent at the chair. A prescriptive patient education system developed by orthodontists for orthodontists. 

Platform One Patient Education powered by Braces Academy: 

(Available Worldwide)

  • Allows your team and patients to experience the preferred method of patient education for today’s generation and saves everyone valuable time.
  • The average “Initial Bonding Appointment Instructions” takes 16.3 minutes face-to-face? The Braces Academy Initial Bonding Appointment Instruction Video takes 3.
  • At the end of every video your office send out, it gives the viewer an opportunity to leave you a Google or Yelp review. Your patients are able to interact with you on all social media platforms at the end of every video as well, making Braces Academy a powerful marketing tool. You can customize every part of Braces Academy to fit the needs of your office.
  • Current studies show that today’s children retain information faster and longer through digital channels. Braces Academy is the preferred way for modern-day patients to receive information and communicate.
  • Lawsuits have been won by patients who said their orthodontist “never told them” something. Braces Academy gives you the ability to see not only when the videos were sent, but when they were watched as well. This provides great accountability for the patient/parent and improves liability protection for the Orthodontist.
  • Your management team and supervisors can utilize Braces Academy for Team Training and Updates, allowing you to store all of your office videos in one place- unlimited storage.

To learn more or sign up: text +1 770.627.2527 or email 

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