“Live lean your first years out to jump start your retirement savings!”
Dr. Thomas MerrillMerrill Orthodontics

“You have learned how to move a tooth, that is easy, now learn how to manage a practice and be good at it too! Enjoy the process while you are at it!”
Fernan RodriguezSmile Design Orthodontics

“Take more business classes, try to avoid highly competitive markets, and get lined up with a highly qualified dental specific accounting firm.”
“Obtain much more understanding about the insurance processes- maybe through webinars, meetings, conference calls, etc.”
Anthony DitcharoDitcharo Orthodontics

“Find a mentor or advisor that you trust and admire.”
“Learn everything you can regarding marketing.”
Steve RicciRicci Orthodontics

“Try to create your own original signature and don’t copy other people’s marketing. What works for them might not work for you. Stay true to yourself and you will be successful.”
Dr Mahya FarniaSonrisas Orthodontics

“The latest greatest technology doesn’t always pay for itself, be sure you have a plan to regain your investment before diving in.”
“[I wish I had] Save[d] more for my kids college, started saving earlier.”
Dr. Kent StarlingStarling Orthodontics

“Get rid of not so helpful employees.”
Dr. Rick BallardBallard Orthodontics

“Study Biomechanics, Growth & Development, Surgery, use technology.”
Dr. Denny JohnsonJohnson Orthodontics

“Ask for advice from dental consultants sooner. You are too poor not to do that!! They help you grow so much faster that it’s not worth trying to reinvent the wheel by yourself.”
Dr. Elena BlackAppalachian Orthodontics of Lynchburg

“Although early with tops, Damon, and Invisalign, I should have invested more in technology and less in a local bank.”

“Stick to your knitting! As Warren Buffet advises: ‘…put your investment dollars in businesses you understand and know most about…’ i.e. your practice.”
Dr. Ed AmleyAmley-McEntire Orthodontics

“Read more about business/staff management during residency.”
Dr. Neal Patel Orthodontic Associates

“Find good people and keep them.”
“Evaluate a practice by the people who work there.”
Dr. Scott Smoron Smiles by Smoron