tops Products


Superheroes have super powers, and from day 1, topsOrtho has endowed practices around the world with the 3 greatest super powers: fast, easy, and reliable.


In a nutshell, we’ll take care of everything. It’s kind of like getting a smart phone. Instead of buying a bunch of computers for a big chunk of cash, you’ll pay a small monthly fee and we’ll send you all new Macs® and iPads® every 3 years.

Lightning Cloud™

For nearly a decade, we have provided orthodontists with amazingly fast, easy, reliable cloud-based practice management systems. In fact, topsOrtho™ was built from the ground up to be cloud.

tops Cephmate™

topsCephMate™ is an easy-to-use digital cephalometric tracing and treatment simulation program with power and features galore.