Looking for a fast, stable, secure and innovative cephalometric program? topsCephMate surpasses the competition with ground-breaking features that make it extraordinarily powerful and easy to use. Cephalometric tracing and treatment simulation software that’s intuitive and reliable. Our native macOS tracing software allows you to quickly landmark, trace, analyze, measure and perform STO and VTO simulations.


Custom analyses

  • Create custom cephalometric analyses using any combination of measurements or lines—quickly and easily
  • Add as many custom analyses as your heart desires
  • Share your custom analyses with colleagues who have topsCephMate


topsCephMate can be used with other management and imaging systems that store tracings, photos and X-ray images in PDF or JPEG format. Finally, topsCephMate provides super-flexible superimposition options for your analysis. You can make superimpositions from any time point in the patient’s treatment, any plan, initial tracing, or any combination of two, three or more tracings.