You’re Not Using Compliant SMS Messaging?

It’s an awesome way to communicate with your patients! We give it two big thumbs up because:

  • It’s HIPAA-compliant!
  • Patients can text to your main practice phone number.
  • Text messages to patients display your main practice phone number, not your staff member’s mobile number.
  • In topsOrtho, the patient chart contains the full history of sms messages between you and each patient.
  • Available in the United States only.
"I had my first Patient seeking me out through Messaging, asking for a Virtual Consult, and it was sooooo wonderful to be prepared to do that with Messaging! Really! I was able to get the selfies I needed, do the cursory Exam, go over finances, & get her set up for a Consultation next week. A million times thank you!!!!" - Cheryl L. Held, D.D.S., M.S. | Orthodontist

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