People’s Choice Updates: Tops 9.8 is coming your way 

You asked, and we listened! Here are the latest Tops updates based on customer feedback - just in time for spring!

Team Tops has made rockin’ improvements to Tops. The deets are below! 

Practice Setup Improvements 

Practice Setup has gotten a makeover. We have replaced the text titles with some spankin’ new icons. Here’s a sneak peek at the new look. 


You are now able to edit the Target Date and Notes for any unscheduled recall. Here’s how:

  • Double-click on an Unscheduled Recall in the Patient File > Appointment/Recalls.
  • Select the Wait number and Time Frame to create a new future date.
  • Click in the Notes field to correct, edit, or add Notes to the existing Unscheduled Recall.
  • Click Update Recall and you are done!

*NOTE: The procedure cannot be edited.


Notes for Voided Transactions

You asked and we heard you - notes are now required when voiding a transaction - Made a mistake, want to remember why a transaction was voided, or just because... add a note when voiding a transaction.

New Placeholder for Letters

We’ve added a plethora of new Letter Placeholders. They include:

  • Contracts: Expected Insurance Amount
    • Displays the Expected Insurance entered on the Contract Worksheet regardless of the contract activation status.
  • Patient: Appointment - Future Dates
    • Displays all future appointments scheduled after the date of the letter creation.
  • Patient: Chart ID
  • Patient: Email
  • Account 1: Email
  • Account 1: Phone 1
    • Displays the first phone numbers recorded regardless of the phone label
  • Account 2: Email
  • Treatment Plan: Narrative Description
    • Displays the entries in the patient's treatment plan narrative field.
  • Patient: Office
    • Displays the patient’s assigned office location.
  • Patient: Orthodontist
    • Displays the patient’s assigned Orthodontist.
  • Patient: Treatment End Date
    • Displays the entered Treatment End Date entered in the patient’s file: Admin and Clinical.
  • Treatment Plan: Lay Treatment Sequence Internal
    • Displays the Lay Terms entered in the Practice Setup for entries selected for a patient’s treatment plan.
  • Treatment Plan: Treatment Plan Title
    • Displays the entered title of a patient’s active treatment plan.

Referrals-In Matrix

Our Referrals-In Matrix also got some new features... check it out.

  • Added Office filter to display patients by assigned office.
  • Added Orthodontist filter to display patients by assigned Orthodontist.
  • Added Category Filter to display referrals by selected referral category.
  • Added selection summary at bottom of window to display number of entries selected.
  • Added window summary at bottom of window todisplay the entry total for the selected window and associated filters.

Gaidge Improvements

We’ve improved Gaidge Analytics

  • Analytics: Pre-Treatment Observation and Active Patients without Appt Data

As always, we’re listening, and we’ve addressed a few bugs.

  • Tops Reminders: Reviews
    • You can now print your reviews.
  • Patient Chart: Claims
    • Want to sort a patient's claim(s) by date, submission status, Employer Policy, and more? Now you can!
  • 2019 Claim Form: Months of Treatment
    • We’ve received new direction from the AAO, ADA, and CDT that Box 42 must display the maximum number of treatment months for a patient's complete treatment plan.
    • We heard them and the 2019 ADA Claim form will display the maximum number of treatment months.
  • TopsPay: Previous declined payments
    • Does a patient have an Auto-Pay plan that is not processing due to declined payments? No worries, we’ve got you. You can enter a new payment method but we also wanted a new payment method for patients who have had declined payments in the past? We'll now display a warning that alerts you that all past declines will also be processed. Here’s what to expect:

You always have lots of great suggestions for improving tops, so we’ve included some of those suggestions in our latest update.

For helping us improve, a big ol' shout-outgoes to:

Dr. Tom Houlihan, Dr. Melinda Barva, Dr. Michael Kersey, Dr. David Chambers, Dr. Brandon Johnson, Dr. Vincent Santucci, Dr. Ryan Caudill, Dr. Lisa Wilborn, Dr. Lateefah Washington, Dr. Brent Tingey, Dr. Michael Bowen, Dr. Laurie Cavallaro, and Dr. Trina Bruchal who asked for additional Letter Placeholders. 

Dr. James Gray, Dr. Arjun Patel, Dr. Stephen Fischman, and Dr. Matthew McNutt who alerted us to the change in Box 42 on the ADA 2019 Claim Form.

Dr. Mark Reynolds, Dr. Trina Bruchal, Dr. Fatima Ebrahim, Dr. Matthew Olmsted, Dr. Brandon Burke, Dr. Brent Wood, Dr. Eric Anderson, Dr. Camille Sandifer, Dr. Michael Riger, Dr. Elizabeth Hite, Dr. Trevor Taylor, Dr. William Neale, Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, Dr. Andrew Chase, Dr. Cory Edwards, Dr. Tyler Prentice, Dr. Joe Hannah, and Dr. Alan Marcus who helped us improve the sorting capabilities of the claims list in the Patient File.

Dr. Derek Cheng, Dr. Gregg Frey, Dr. Mary O’Keeffe, Dr. Anthony Ditcharo, Dr. Sergio Bobbera, Dr. Aaron Laird, Dr. Matthew Elison, Dr. Antonino Secchi, Dr. Fraser Young, Dr. Michael Agenter, Dr. Matthew Macleod, Dr. Silvia Menendez, Dr. Elaine Ritoli, Dr. Steven Ricci, Dr. Brian Smith, Dr. Brent Tingey, Dr. Michael Duong, Dr.Geoffrey Newton, Dr. Neal Klar, Dr. Sandra Maduke, Dr. Maria Karpov, Dr. Jeffrey Sturdivant, Dr. David McConville, Dr. Michael Palasz, Dr. Hank Allen, Dr. Matt Culberson, Dr. Allen Zuch, Dr. Barry White, Dr. Sarah Jovanovski, Dr. Stephen Saks, Dr. Larry Scarborough, Dr. Neil Kanning, Dr. Andrew Chase, Dr. Daryl Proctor, Dr. AJ Ortega, Dr. Jason Judd, Dr. Jeff Gamblin, Dr. Michelle Burlingame, Dr. Eric Vela, Dr. Kelsey Petterson, Dr. Mark Causey, Dr. Ben Creed, Dr. David Lewicki, Dr. Frederic Lavoie, Dr. Craig Scott, Dr. Jay Durham, Dr. Trevor Taylor, Dr. Dan Cassarella, Dr. Reza Aran, Dr. Zach Frazier, Dr. Alvaro Figueroa, Dr. Arjun Patel, Dr. Cassandra Zirbel, Dr. Eric Leber, Dr. Morgan Trahant-Lang, and Dr. Spencer Hodnett who requested the ability to edit the date and/or notes of unscheduled recalls.

Dr. Evan Tran, Dr. Yves Tellier, Dr. Michael Agenter, Dr. Brian Smith, Dr. Geoffrey Newton, Dr. Richard Ballard, Dr. NealKlar, Dr. Sergio Bobbera, Dr. Daryl Proctor, Dr. Richard Jones, Dr. James Hutta, Dr. Robyn Vicek, Dr. Scott Bowlby, Dr. Kelsey Petterson, Dr. Ben Creed, Dr. Eric Vela, Dr. Albert Wong, Dr. Sarah Jovanovski, Dr. David Lewicki, Dr. Brenda Chekay, Dr. Bradford Washington, and Dr. Jodi Hentscher-Johnson who requested the ability to add a note when voiding a transaction.

There may be offices who requested these improvements that didn’t get recognized, so how about an all-around fist bump!

And about that update…

If your practice is using Tops 9.7 or higher, you will be updated automatically over the next few days to Tops version 9.8.It will be automatic; you don’t have to do a thing. If you are using Tops version 9.1.9 or lower, we'll need some info before we can update you to 9.8. You must coordinate the update with us directly. Contact me and I’ll get you the info you need.