The topsOrtho™ technology difference — it’s not just Mac vs. PC

No server headaches

Our cloud-based architecture offers legendary reliability and speed, without the expense and headaches of your current server. Our decade of experience with the cloud means you get…

Multi-office networking
  • No VPN required
  • No Terminal Services
  • No point-to-point T1

Why should you settle for slower software and limited functions in any of your offices? topsOrtho offers an experience that is superior and without compromise. You can network offices without costly T1 data lines. topsOrtho is built for the Internet, and optimizes your images for the Internet to provide a fast, reliable, secure and affordable multi-office network. Eliminate the need for a VPN, multiple servers and Terminal Services.

Lightning fast

topsOrtho uses the latest in programming technology to provide fast performance. No more waiting on reports or slowing down other users. One example: A scheduling analysis report that sorts through 180,000 appointments appears on the screen in two seconds. Literally.

Unlimited multi-tasking

Most software products make you finish your screen or task before going on to another part of the program. What if you need to post a payment while reviewing a report? How about when you pick up the phone to answer a patient financial question but you’re in the middle of editing your schedule template? It’s no problem with topsOrtho.

topsDataJet™ technology

Our unique topsDataJet technology instantly (that’s 13 milliseconds in tops time) refreshes your screens with any changes. If you’re viewing a schedule day and another user changes the appointments, you’ll see the changes instantly without a manual refresh. This works with images as well as text data.

Live reporting

You can query reports and work with live data on the screen. Move columns, sort rows, change column details, and click through data to a patient chart. It’s a whole new level of reporting.

Hourly, automatic backup

Stop waiting for everybody to log off of the software. In topsOrtho, your patient data is automatically backed up and encrypted every hour.

Wireless computer networking

Enjoy the freedom of wireless networking with topsOrtho. Access your patient data quickly and securely via a wireless connection, both inside and outside of your practice. No additional software or steps are required. Just log in!

Built-in word processing

Enjoy the speed and flexibility of built-in word processing. No need to buy a separate word processing program. No need to make sure that your version of Word works with your version of management software. No Word viruses. No waiting for Word to launch, to open a document, or for photos to be sent via the Internet. No setup required. Yesss!


Leverage the power of the most reliable, secure and fastest operating system, UNIX.

Internet updates

You don’t need no stinkin’ CD ROMs! Our updates are handled automatically. You don’t need to lift a finger.

Built-in bug reporting

Why do we have 99 percent (plus) customer retention? Because our customers enjoy reliable, stable software with topsOrtho. Bugs (rare though they are) are automatically reported directly to our team for the highest priority to fix.

Built-in screen-sharing for support

We built in screen-sharing so that you can invite our team to help you through a support call. Just give us a password to invite us in, and we can immediately address your support question.

Open standards

Modern software recognizes and uses open standards. So topsOrtho integrates well with other programs and networks effortlessly with any PC and any digital imaging device. xml, pdf, html, jpeg, tiff, gif, png, mov, avi, tcp/ip, samba, dhcp, nat, soap-rpc and zero-conf may seem like a lot of alphabet soup, but they’re all second nature to topsOrtho.

World class programming team

We tapped some of the best talent in the programming world to build a next-generation product. One of our lead programmers, Aaron Hillegass, even wrote the book on programming for Apple.


Trust tops to keep your data secure. We use some of the most advanced security technologies available. topsOrtho also has another layer of security so that specific tasks of your choosing (adjustments, voids, etc.) can’t be completed without a password. And all network access to your patient data is fully encrypted.