Tops 9.5 is coming your way!

We have a quick tune-up to Tops coming your way- just in time for summer! 

Team Tops has a few last-minute improvements just in time for summer!  

Visual symbol for Confirmed Appointments

We’ve added visual symbols to display whether or not an appointment has been confirmed.

Appointment Book

Display <span style="color:green;">©</span> (Green) when appointment has been confirmed.

Display <span style="color:red;">©</span> (Red) not confirmed.


Appointment Information Window

Confirmed checkbox is automatically checked if appointment has been confirmed.


Patient Information

We added a new Confirmed column to the Patient Info > Appts/Recalls tab to display <span style="color:green;">©</span> if confirmed or <span style="color:red;">© </span> if not confirmed.

Screen Shot 2023-05-31 at 11.08.47 AM.png


TopsPay now has a few quick updates- we’re always looking to improve!

TopsPay can now accept credit cards issued from any country.

  • Have a credit card issued in Canada but making a payment in the US? Not a problem, we’ve got your back!

We’ve clarified the expiration date instructions for TopsPay Credit Card information.

  • We’ve changed the language to clarify that you are Correcting, not Updating the expiration date.

Want a quick and easy way to access the TopsPay portal to verify information or retrieve detailed reports?  

Absolutely, we thought so too so we’ve added a link to the TopsPay portal to our Reports Menu.

Simply click on the Reports Menu in Tops and select TopsPay portal.

Enter your login information and viola- you are in!

Even better, you can enter your login information into Single-Sign On and with one click and a quick password entry- you are off to the races!

Tops Reminders

Tops Reminders is also aboard the improvement train.

We’ve updated the labels throughout out to display Tops Reminders to clarify where you can find the information you need.

  • Practice Setup & the Comm Menu
    Just choose Tops Reminders and Tops will do the rest!
  • Ever enter the wrong information when accessing Tops Reminders? Yep- we’ve been there too.
    So, we added a Try Again button so you can re-enter your information without having to leave the window.  
  • Lastly, we’ve improved the Reminders to accommodate changes made to appointments throughout the day.  
    Previously confirmed appointments that are later rescheduled or cancelled will no longer receive appointment reminders for the rescheduled or cancelled appointment regardless of confirmation status.

p1nk (or In-app Messaging)

We’ve made improvements to p1nk messages to improve relevancy to you and your staff. Less is more...fewer and more relevant messages are the goal.

Lastly, we’ve killed a couple bugs because well, it’s summer

We’ve corrected the calculation for # of Unscheduled Emergency Appointments in the Practice Monitor.

We've also corrected a situation where clicking on the Auto-Pay Plan button in a patient file may prevent the unlinking of an Account Holder.

And we’ve corrected the Deleted Appointments in the Patient Chart.  

  • The Staff column now shows the staff member initials in the By column on all workstations.

And finally, we’ve updated the Change Healthcare Interactive Payer List URL in the Employer Policy window.

As always, you have lots of great suggestions for improving Tops, so we’ve included some of those suggestions in our latest update.

For helping us improve, a big ol' shout-out goes to:

Dr. Daniel Kuncio, Dr. Carson Phillips, Dr. Bhavik Patel, Dr. Frederic Lavoie, Dr. Timothy Glass, Dr. Michael Blackwood, Dr. Brian Chamberlain, Dr. Derek Barwood, Dr. Karim Jarjoura, Dr. John Bednar, Dr. Lyna Naseri, Dr. Nathan Ng, Dr. Eamon Howard-Bowles, Dr. Mayuri Patel, Dr. Christopher Spain, Dr. Paul Glasser, Dr. David Mastroianni, Dr. Bruce Tasios, Dr. Michael Robertson, Dr. Peter Shih, Dr. Jared Lee, Dr. Julia Trieu, and Dr. Reza Aran who requested the visual confirmation symbol on the Appointment Book.

Dr. Matt Akridge who notified us about the inability to change Account Holder when clicking the Auto-Pay Plan button.

Dr. Mark Mendlik who notified us about the incorrect calculation of Unscheduled Emergencies on the Practice Monitor.

There may be offices that requested these improvements that didn’t get recognized, so how about an all-around fist bump!

And about that update…

If your practice is using Tops 9.4 or higher, you will be updated automatically over the next few days to Tops version 9.5.0. It will be automatic; you don’t have to do a thing. If you are using Tops version 9.1.9 or lower, we'll need some info before we can update you to 9.5.0. You must coordinate the update with us directly. Contact Colleen Hall for more information at