topsOrtho™teleOrthodontic Platform

The tops™ teleOrthodontic Platform

In today’s competitive orthodontic landscape, it’s important to offer speed and convenience. The tops teleOrthodontic Platform brings the ultimate in patient convenience to your practice.

Put your practice right on potential patients’ phones—the phones they look at for hours a day—with your social media presence tied to topsOrtho.

Patients can tap to send a Facebook Messenger text directly to the inbox in topsOrtho. From there, your staff can respond and answer initial patient questions. In fact, your staff can handle 5 times as many inquiries via topsOrtho messaging than by incoming patient phone calls.

With templated responses, practice staff can direct patients to send photos of their teeth that allow you—the practitioner—to do a preliminary consult before the patient ever arrives at your office. Now that’s convenience—the kind patients today demand!

The tops Teleorthodontic platform puts your practice on prospective patients’ phones, whether they’re at home or at work, any time of day. Patients can reach you without sitting on hold for 10 minutes, and patients begin to interact with your practice before they drive by another practice down the road or walk by a storefront in the mall.

Now you can bring your practice to the patient instead of waiting for the patient to come to you.

Teleorthodontics is here, and topsOrtho puts it at your fingertips!