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topsEcho™ for iPhone and iPad

topsEcho is a companion to the topsOrtho orthodontic practice management and imaging system.

Connect – quickly and securely – to real-time practice information, from your iPhone or iPad with our topsEcho™ app.

  • Return a patient’s after-hours phone call with essential info and images right in front of you
  • Check tomorrow’s schedule to see if you can leave early for a family event
  • Have lunch with a referring dentist and knowledgeably review a case

You’ll get patient information, high-resolution images, X-rays, appointments, ledgers, schedule, referring doctor information, treatment notes and more.

No uploading, syncing or linking are required. Just a tap on the app instantly connects to real-time information with legendary tops Software speed from practically anywhere. And you can actually use the app while speaking on your iPhone.