Does your Tops data need cleaning?

Tops Certified Instructors are here to help get your practice back on track!

During your Tops Tune-Up Training, a highly trained and certified Tops Instructor will do a full inspection of your practice’s data and create a 3-hour customized online training course based on their findings. Depending on your practice's needs, during your training, you will:

  1. Diagnose the health of your A/R reports and look for any missed or uncollected fees
  2. Examine and tidy up your insurance claims
  3. Scrub and organize your patient files
  4. Refresh your memory of features you may not be utilizing
  5. Check your D7 Matrix™ to ensure nothing is slipping through the cracks
  6. Dive into recalls and see what patients need to be contacted

Our Tops Tune-Up is ONLY $525 for 3 hours of customized training!

For a more intense look at your practice’s data, Team Tops will arrange for one of our Tops Instructors to visit your practice for a 1, 2 or 3-day in-person custom training.

Contact the Tops Training Team to get started: