About tops

All about team tops!

Our vision at tops Software is simple, but not easy. We strive for three things:

  • Offer state-of-the-art software
  • Provide the finest service
  • Be a place where the best people want to work

Mark SanchezWe’re very proud of our products, our people and the way we do business. And we prefer to live the vision rather than just pay it lip service. But in case you’d like to know more about the company you’re doing business with, here’s tops Software founder and CEO, Dr. Mark Sanchez, on the tops vision.

On tops’ state-of-the-art software: There’s no reason that orthodontists can’t have the same quality systems that big companies like FedEx or GE or major universities have. That’s how we build our products, as if they’re going to be run by a major institution. So they’re fast, powerful, stable and scalable. Back when we created topsOrtho™, we knew the technology was there to do that. But no one in orthodontics was using it — probably because it’s not an easy job. That’s why I put together a fantastic team of high-level programmers to create topsOrtho™, topsCephMate™ and topsEcho™.

Our infrastructure allows things to happen quickly and seamlessly, without disrupting your practice.

Why should someone want a state-of-the-art practice management system instead of one that’s adequate or acceptable? It depends on what “adequate” or “acceptable” mean to the individual doctor. For example, I think time is valuable. So it’s not acceptable to me when a simple function takes minutes instead of instants. It takes an hour for our competitors to add a new workstation, whereas it takes a few minutes for tops to do it. I think viruses and data corruption are unacceptable, so you won’t see that happening with tops Software. And there’s the added expense of a merely adequate system: We have customers who, before switching to tops, spent $5-10k a year for a local IT guy to keep things functioning — and that’s in addition to the service fees paid to their management software company. With tops, outside IT expenses can actually be $0. Plus our system is all-inclusive; you don’t have to buy extra software to run topsOrtho features, not even additional servers to connect from your home or a satellite office. The bottom line is that our competitors’ systems are complex to own; ours is easy.

Mark SanchezOn tops’ service: Each of us at tops works very hard to provide the finest service. I know as a consumer it makes me crazy to get the phone runaround. We don’t want anyone to have to punch a bunch of numbers to reach a support person. One of the things we hear most from our customers is that when they call, they get a live person, right away. Our support people have all been with us a long time, and they’ve all worked in orthodontic practices. They can relate to whatever it is you’re going through.

Another way we provide great service is with the topsOrtho infrastructure, which allows things to happen quickly and seamlessly, without disruption to your practice. One of our service people can install a new version of our software to every tops customer in the world in about an hour total time. Our customers never have a disc to insert or instructions to follow. Our competitors’ systems archive data by removing it, so if you want to find something old, it’s a real hassle. topsOrtho is self-maintaining — you don’t have to close the month or close the year. All your data is always there. Even if your server fails, we can have you back up and fully functional in two hours, at most. No one else can come close.

On being a place where the best people want to work: When I started tops Software, I envisioned a place where people want to work, where they have fun, and where they can take pride in doing things no one else can do. We get a lot of interest from people wanting to work at tops, and we’re very picky about who we bring on board. Everyone on team tops knows what we’re shooting for, they get along, and they feel like they’re able to make good contributions.

Everyone on team tops works hard and with a great deal of care and pride, and I think it shows in everything we do.

Mark SanchezOur programmers use the world’s best development system and get the chance to work in a lot of different areas of programming. Our salespeople have extensive experience in this industry and are incredibly enthusiastic about tops products. They love to see jaws drop when they’re presenting our products to a prospective customer! tops trainers really like working with people and teaching; they know that every practice is a little different, and they enjoy that variety. They get a real thrill when they see an office staff get gleeful about the new possibilities offered by tops. Our support people truly enjoy helping people — it’s basic to their personality — and they get great satisfaction in solving somebody’s question.

Everyone on team tops works hard and with a great deal of care and pride, and I think it shows in everything we do. I consider myself very lucky to work with such an amazing group of people.