Why topsOrtho?


We are 100 percent focused on orthodontic software and support

By focusing exclusively on orthodontic software, tops has created a unique culture. We don’t have to compromise your software in order to support other products or divisions.

Easy to use

topsOrtho™ is powerful, yet so easy to use. The interface was designed by a practicing orthodontist with navigation that’s simple and logical.

Speed and performance

Have you ever waited on your software to query a report? Merge a letter? Open patient images? topsOrtho was designed for speed from the beginning. If you think your software is fast, see topsOrtho first-hand and understand why you can do more in less time than you’d ever imagine.

Multi-task without limitations

We don’t think you should have to finish a task if you need to schedule an appointment or look up another patient. topsOrtho offers true multi-tasking. You can be in the middle of virtually any window and switch or start another task effortlessly.

Frequent updates

Our world-class software team frequently adds more features and functions to topsOrtho. And we deliver all updates securely and transparently via the cloud to you, eliminating the cost and frustration of updating your software.

Software stability and the Mac network are superior to Windows

Apple’s OS X is a next-generation operating system built on UNIX. And UNIX — the backbone of the Internet — was designed for speed, stability, multi-tasking and networking.

Downsize your outside tech expenses

topsOrtho practices spend 80-90 percent less annually on outside tech help than comparable practices running Windows-based management systems.

Multiple office networking — easy, affordable and fast

Don’t settle for slower speed and limited functions in any of your offices. topsOrtho offers a multi-office experience that’s superior and without compromises.

Easy remote access from anywhere

Access topsOrtho securely and quickly from anywhere in the world — no additional software needed. Simply open topsOrtho and login. You’ll get the same amazing speed and performance that you’re used to. It’s that easy.

topsOrtho is all-inclusive

topsOrtho is the only orthodontic program that includes management, imaging, word processing, a SQL database and backup. One program to install, one program to support. A less complicated practice management system = a more stable system.

World class programming team

Our programming team includes some of the best talent in the world. Our lead programmer, Aaron Hillegass, literally wrote the book on programming for Apple.

tops founder and CEO is a practicing orthodontist

Dr. Mark Sanchez created topsOrtho in 1992 because he couldn’t find orthodontic practice management software to meet his exacting needs. Mark listens to colleagues in the orthodontic community and responds with features and functions that he personally oversees as the topsOrtho development manager.

Freedom to work with other products and services of your choosing

It’s your practice, so you should have the option to use the technology and equipment you want. topsOrtho integrates smoothly with your favorite digital X-ray equipment, additional imaging softwares and website companies. We play well with others.

99+ percent customer retention rate

Our success is measured by our product and support satisfaction. Ask a tops practice why they continue to use topsOrtho.

Mac is virus-free and secure: peace of mind and no hassles

Live virus-free and without costly and complex virus software. You can eliminate spyware, viruses and malware with the purchase of your Mac. Once you go Mac…you never go back!

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