Windows on a Mac


How to run Windows on a Mac

We believe the Mac OS X has the best operating system on the planet. That’s why we use it for topsOrtho™. But we realize that some of your other programs and equipment may require Windows.

Did you know that Macs can run OS X and Windows concurrently? Yes, Macs and Windows are compatible.

This is done through the use of virtualization technology, which can take advantage of the dual core processors in Macs. The dual core CPU is equivalent to having two CPUs on a single chip.

There are two good software options for virtualization:

It’s important to understand that running Windows on a Mac does not confer the legendary security features of the Mac OS X operating system to Windows. Security and virus susceptibility is a function of operating systems, not hardware. All the same {{#link-to ‘clients.precautions’}}precautions{{/link-to}} you should use for any PC running Windows apply to running a Mac with Windows.

Now, one machine can run all your software!