9 Tips to Increase Your Orthodontic Team’s Efficiency

Callie Norton
January 9, 2024
4 min read

Shortcuts to Help Your Staff Streamline Orthodontic Workflows & Complete Tasks Fast

In your practice, your orthodontic team shoulders a lot of responsibility. From filing insurance claims to managing numerous treatment plans, streamlining workflows is a must for providing excellent orthodontic care. Still, that can be a lot to ask of your team when there are so many different tasks to juggle.  

We know you have high standards for running your practice, but that doesn't mean you should sacrifice efficiency or ease. With Tops, you can still aim high without complicating processes or wasting valuable time. Here are 9 simple shortcuts your team can use to complete tasks quickly, freeing up more time for patients.  

1. Streamline Insurance Claims  

Nothing can be more frustrating—and time-consuming—than handling insurance. With Tops, you can streamline the process of handling insurance claims, making it less frustrating and time-consuming.

The second a contract activates in the system, Tops automatically generates and organizes a claim for you. This way, you don’t have to decipher complex forms or spend hours sifting through documents. Plus, if any challenges arise, you’ll receive timely notifications to keep you informed.  

Moreover, Tops' electronic submissions speed up and refine the claims process, reducing errors and ensuring smoother transactions with insurance companies. And with an efficient e-submissions claims process, you receive payments faster.

The pricing structure is also transparent, offering unlimited claim filing per provider. With a more straightforward (and cost-effective) way to handle insurance claims, you and your team have more time for patients.  

2. Simplify How You Manage Reports  

In today’s competitive orthodontic environment, data is essential for running a practice effectively. However, keeping track of it can be a meticulous and time-consuming task.  

With Gaidge Analytics, integrated into Tops, checking your practice’s pulse is easier. You can effortlessly sort reports by practice location or provider, accessing the vital metrics you need when you need them. You won’t have to dig through data or navigate complex interfaces to view reports like Case Acceptance and Treatment Starts. Tops integrates report management seamlessly, freeing up time for other important duties.

3. Create Custom Scheduling Templates  

Think about it: in your busy practice, your team juggles numerous appointments daily. Without streamlined scheduling, double-bookings and gaps can lead to frustrations for staff and patients alike.

Tops, however, offers a practical and user-friendly solution. You can create custom scheduling templates, enabling your team to manage appointments seamlessly. This way, you’ll save time and ensure a well-organized schedule.  

4. Centralize Lab Data  

Scattered information poses one of the biggest challenges in orthodontic lab management. With EasyRx integrated with Tops, all your lab-related data is easily accessible, right from the patient's chart.

Instead of toggling between systems or sifting through paper forms, you can monitor real-time lab prescription statuses, view STL files, and check lab pricing. This unified solution is a significant process improvement, making it easier for your team to manage tasks and make informed decisions.  

5. Optimize Prescription Scheduling and Delivery  

While efficient lab management requires organization, timing is just as important. EasyRx's integration with Tops offers real-time tracking for lab prescriptions, giving accurate case-ready estimates. This is invaluable for scheduling patient appointments and avoiding conflicts.    

Plus, automating processes speeds up aligner and appliance creation, minimizing delays that can disrupt your practice's work process and patient experience. With real-time control over lab processes, it’s less of a scramble to coordinate tasks and meet deadlines.  

6. Automate Recurring Patient Payments  

Keeping track of patient payments can sometimes be as challenging as the orthodontic treatments themselves. With TopsPay, an advanced automation tool, you can set up recurring billing, making payments easier for both your staff and patients. Payments automatically process on set dates within the Tops app, reducing the need for manual entry or reliance on external tools. It streamlines your billing process, minimizing errors and missed deadlines, making financial management more efficient and less stressful.  

7. Simplify One-Time Transactions with In-App Charging  

In addition to simplifying recurring billing, Tops also makes one-time charges seamless with the click of a button. For appointments needing extra charges (like a new retainer), just click "add transaction" to complete the transaction in TopsPay.  

Instead of switching between systems or using manual forms, you can manage finances and clinical tasks in one place. It's an easier way to manage patient charges, saving your team time that can be better spent elsewhere.  

8. Take Advantage of an Essential Keyboard Shortcut  

Even small steps toward efficiency can collectively create a big impact on your practice's workflow. For example, Tops streamlines the simple act of looking up a patient's appointment history. With a quick keyboard shortcut (Command key + 3), you can instantly pull up the patient’s appointment or recall history.  

This way, your team members can get straight to the information they need, right when they need it. Plus, quick access can be particularly helpful during patient interactions, allowing your team to provide information immediately. And in a day filled with back-to-back appointments, these saved moments can buy back hours.  

9. Speed Up Intake with Online Forms  

If you’re trying to run an efficient orthodontic practice, navigating piles of paperwork isn’t the way to do it.  

Tops’ Online Forms, powered by Gaidge, offer a secure, paper-free, and all-around more convenient solution. Patients can complete these customizable, HIPAA-compliant forms early, reducing wait times and easing reception congestion.

Plus, you can use tailored templates for health history or insurance to gather necessary information before the patient arrives. Built-in features let you track form submissions and send out timely reminders. By modernizing the intake process, you can satisfy today’s patients while making life easier for your team.  

The Ultimate Shortcut to Efficient Practice Management  

In your busy practice's day-to-day operations, there's more than enough to worry about, so why make it more complicated? With Tops, you can streamline time-consuming tasks—like data analytics, insurance claims, and appointment scheduling—to create faster, automated workflows. And with thorough training courses, falling behind is no longer an issue.  

Tops' all-in-one practice management system gives you tools to be efficient, reduce mistakes, and run a successful practice for the long-term. Make the switch to Tops today so your team can refocus their energy on what matters most—excellent patient care.

The entire patient journey in one place

The technology inside your orthodontics practice should work hard for you. Tops’ complete ecosystem gives you the power, speed, and agility to move on to what’s next.


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