Tops Digital Patient Experience

Your Ultimate Patient Engagement Platform

Your patients probably don't want to talk to you on the phone. Delight them with the communication they crave: HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders, texts, and customizable emails.

  • Reduce no-shows and fill up your calendar.
  • Easily engage with patients and boost your online reputation.
  • Save valuable staff time and reduce time-consuming phone calls.

Elevate your patient experience.

Effortless scheduling with automated appointment reminders

Minimize no-shows and deliver a next-level patient experience with automated appointment reminders. Utilize family, custom, voice, and missed appointment reminders to actively engage patients through text or email.

Faster & easier two-way communication

Engage patients with two-way conversations and communicate how they prefer. Send a quick text or email from the messaging platform or directly from their charts.

Level up your marketing outreach

Grab patients' attention with monthly newsletters, practice announcements, and birthday messages all through pre-built templates. Even customize your messaging by appointment type to reach specific patients.

Better treatment comes with better patient engagement

Phone calls are disruptive to your office and to your patients' lives. Patients are much more likely to engage with their treatments with a communication method they prefer. Promote adherence with better communication for exceptional outcomes.

  • Real-time messaging is faster than playing phone tag, meaning patients can get to you even faster to schedule appointments.
  • No-shows? No problem. Reduce wasted appointments in your schedule with tailored reminders that keep patients engaged, minimize no-shows, and optimize your bustling schedule.
  • Be your community's go-to practice with 5-star reviews. Get consistent positive feedback and secure a superb reputation in your community.

Unlock efficiency and savings with one patient engagement platform

From appointment reminders and text messaging to managing reviews and email campaigns, Tops DPX offers the ultimate patient engagement platform.