Treatment Compliance for Orthodontic Patients

Ensure Your Patients Understand Their Treatment

Are they cleaning their aligners? How do you get them to use the elastics? Keeping patients engaged in treatment is critical to your schedule and revenue. Videos are the easiest way for patients of all ages to learn. Hello, Braces Academy.

  • Assign tutorial videos for brushing braces, using elastics, and more.
  • Track who watches their videos (and who doesn't) from patient charts.
  • Email or text videos to patients and parents to watch on phones and computers.

Enhanced patient education powered by Braces Academy®

Tx plans need Tx compliance

Orthodontic practices lose time and money when treatment extends beyond the original treatment plan. Braces Academy's videos were designed to entertain, teach, and help you improve your bottom line.

Send videos as-needed

Your practice only sends the videos each patient needs to remain compliant with Tx as the patient needs them. Check their progress in Tops anytime to verify the video was watched—perfect for chairside or post-exam parent conversations.

Provide confidence to your patients

The more your patients understand the clinical aspect of their treatment, the more educated and confident they will feel. This creates trust in the practice as well as provides a better experience for your patients.

Join thousands of happier Orthodontists

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“Fear is a liar. Changing software to Tops was a seamless process with only positive results, practice growth, and praise from all angles.”

Dr. Jen Butler

Conway, SC

“Tops allows me to focus on patient care, with real-time access to data that ensures I render timely and efficient therapy.”

Dr. Dennis Dionne

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"Patient Education is a wonderful component within topsOrtho. We use it widely during consultations. I can pull together specific videos and see whether or not they were watched by the patient. It really helps them visualize what’s coming.”

Dr. Scott B.

Clinical education meets video

An orthodontic treatment plan needs more than just doctor expertise to succeed. Patient effort plays a major role, too, and both must work together to achieve happy results on time. Clinical videos give better transparency into patient behavior to correct issues before it's too late. 

  • Compliance messaging includes videos, images, and text.
  • Improve treatment efficiency rates and revenue.
  • Increase patient engagement through dynamic communication.

Patient Compliance & treatment excellence go hand in hand

Treatment results are as good as the effort put in. Patient Compliance is your go-to communication and educational resource for A+ results.