Online Patient Intake Forms

Time-Saving Online Intake Forms to Cut the Clutter

Gaidge Forms are paperless, 100% customizable, HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly, practice branded and can be signed with e-signature.

  • Create templates for health history, insurance, and more.
  • Give patients the flexibility to submit forms any time before their appointment.
  • Track submissions and send reminders with built-in reports.

Getting patient information shouldn’t be difficult

Limitless possibilities

Create as many forms as you want and give access to as many staff users as you need. Use templates or customize forms your way for intake, health history, surveys–anything at all!

Prepare for patients before they show up

No need for patients to wait! Reduce congested reception areas and improve patient flow during intake by sending links to HIPAA-compliant forms. Run your new patient exam more smoothly by gathering all forms before the appointment.

Utilize Pre-Built Templates

With 30+ ready-made templates crafted by a team of expert orthodontic consultants, onboarding, customization and implementation is a breeze.

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Sign up for Gaidge Forms and get the whole shebang

Gaidge Forms are 100% customizable forms that help collect sensitive patient health and insurance information and won't come with extra hidden fees or costs after signing up.

  • Seamlessly integrate your patient forms into your website for easy accessibility.
  • Maximize profits! Cutting costs and optimizing intake efficiency means you make more money.
  • Easily send out forms via text or email and send reminders to patients to ensure you have all submissions.

Gaidge Forms are the digital upgrade your practice needs

Your intake process says a lot about your practice. Transform your patient experience and operate like you (and your patients) want with Gaidge Forms.