Orthodontic Practice Analytics

Practice Growth with Data from the Inside Out

Gaidge Analytics tell you where your business was and where you're going. Track the performance of 80+ metrics—from new patient calls, exams, treatment starts to clinical efficiency, and more. Compare your practice to others in the area with industry benchmarking.

  • Access easy-to-read reports with data points across your entire practice.
  • Set goals and track how doctors, managers, and staff meet them.
  • Regional benchmarking shows performance compared to similar practices.

Elevate your practice with actionable data powered by Gaidge®

Data-driven decision-making

Gaidge Analytics transforms practice data into comprehensive reports that your Practice Manager, Doctor, and Financial Coordinator will love. Make better, informed choices for your practice (like increasing prices or revising your schedule).

Put your best foot forward

Your practice is only as good as the people who run it. Practice Analytics makes it easy to set goals for every member in every department—from your clinic to front desk—so everyone improves as a team.

Conquer the competition

How do you stack up to other practices in your area? Benchmarking lets you compare key aspects of your practice to those nearby so you can make adjustments in areas like pricing and chair time.

“Gaidge Analytics makes looking at data fun. It is so intuitive, so visual, and so easy to read and follow.” “I love the ability to assign metrics to key individuals. It allows us as a team to stay in our lanes and have distinct measurables. I don’t know how I practiced without it for all these years!”

Dr. Jerek P.
Petrous Orthodontics

Temperature check your practice's health

Running a business shouldn't include guesswork. Practice analytics includes easy-to-read reports and automates tracking critical data. Pivot as quickly as you need to and implement new data-backed strategies that save time and money.

  • Metrics dashboards bring complex data to life so you can easily strategize practice growth.
  • Reports tell the story of what matters to orthodontists like Treatment Starts Detail and Case Acceptance, Patients Beyond ECD, and more.
  • Track data across all your practice locations and get comprehensive and individual reports.

Practice Analytics takes the guesswork out of practice management

You can’t check your practice’s pulse in the dark. Take control of its health with Practice Analytics and gain the deeper insight you need to grow.