Tops Orthodontist Approved Software Solutions

Complete Patient Care in an Instant

Security meets reliability. Ortho office management has never been smoother with our fast, secure, Mac-based app. Tops combines a suite of practice tools into one easy-to-use platform with a single login. Check out everything Tops has to offer below.

Join thousands of orthodontists around the world

From Birmingham, Alabama, to Harare, Zimbabwe, Tops is the favorite choice of doctors and staff who value easy, fast, secure, and reliable.

The best customer support

We’ve all worked in orthodontic practices. We know your pains—and we love getting to know you.

Practice-wide updates instantly

Update a patient’s chart in the front, and in 0.013 seconds the chart is updated on every other workstation. That’s real time patient care.

Runs on Mac

We’re backed by the security of Apple hardware and world class programming. We’ve never had a breach— browser-based systems can’t make the same boast.

Reliable software makes reliable staff

Tops is never down and never stalls. Let your staff operate at their highest productivity and provide the best in patient care.

Easy Imaging

Tops imaging integration includes your favorite intraoral scanners and the easiest universal lab management system. Store and access STL files worry-free.

Go with the Patient Flow

Get a 360 chair-side view from anywhere in your office. Alert your doctor and clinical staff to waiting patients or critical Tx info on one screen.

The entire patient journey in one place

The technology inside your orthodontics practice should work hard for you. Tops’ complete ecosystem gives you the power, speed, and agility to move on to what’s next.

Getting started with Tops is easy…

Regretting you didn’t do it sooner is the hard part.
“The best thing I can say for Tops is that I just don’t have to think about it all day long, because it’s just doing its job.” —Dr. Rob Aszkler, Aszkler Orthodontics
Doctor at her desk