Tops Orthodontist Approved Software Solutions

Complete Patient Care in an Instant

Security meets reliability. Ortho office management has never been smoother with our fast, secure, Mac-based app. Tops combines a suite of practice tools into one easy-to-use platform with a single login. Check out everything Tops has to offer below.

Join thousands of orthodontists around the world

From Birmingham, Alabama, to Harare, Zimbabwe, Tops is the favorite choice of doctors and staff who value ease, speed, security, and reliability.

The best customer support

The entire Tops support team has worked in orthodontic practices. We know your pains — and we love getting to know you.

Practice-wide updates instantly

Update a patient’s chart in the front, and in 0.013 seconds the chart is updated on every other workstation. That’s real-time patient care.

Runs on Mac

We’re backed by the security of Apple hardware and world class programming. We’ve never had a breach — browser-based systems can’t make the same boast.

Reliable software makes reliable staff

Tops is never down and never stalls. Let your staff operate at their highest productivity and provide the best in patient care.

Easy Imaging

Tops imaging integration includes your favorite intraoral scanners and the easiest universal lab management system. Store and access STL files worry-free.

Go with the Patient Flow

Get a 360 chair-side view from anywhere in your office. Alert your doctor and clinical staff to waiting patients or critical Tx info on one screen.

The entire patient journey in one place

The technology inside your orthodontic practice should work hard for you. Tops’ complete ecosystem gives you the power, speed, and agility to move on to what’s next.

Experience scheduling without limits, no matter the season. With Tops, each location can have its own custom templates, helping you tailor appointment bookings for any time of the year and any office need.
  • Utilize custom templates (including summer templates!) for seasonal scheduling demands

  • Efficiently manage high patient volumes during your busiest months

  • Maintain smooth operations during staff holidays or altered office hours

Patient Engagement
Tops Digital Patient Experience (DPX) keeps every patient in the loop. Stay connected throughout the entire patient journey with targeted, digital communication tools.
  • Send custom and blast messages and HIPAA compliant two-way texts, including images, birthday wishes, and more

  • Prevent no-shows with call, text and email automated reminders for appointments and recalls

  • Boost your online presence with automated review requests and management for a 5-star reputation

  • Grab patients' attention with monthly newsletters, practice announcements, and marketing, all through pre-built email blast templates

iPad Check-In
Streamline patient check-ins with modern Apple technology. Run your practice smoothly and offer a seamless, tech-savvy experience for patients.
  • Rapid, real-time check-ins instantly update across all workstations

  • Keep your front desk area calm and your team distraction-free

  • Offer patients an easy, touch-and-go check-in process with user-friendly iPads

Insurance Claims
Simplify your billing process with Tops. Effortlessly e-file claims and say goodbye to manual paperwork.
  • Get instant feedback on claims, with rejection notifications in 24 hours

  • Speed up payments and improve financial management

  • Reliable eligibility checks directly within Tops for hassle-free insurance handling

Treatment Planning
Personalize every patient's journey and increase acceptance rates. Our treatment planning is fully customizable for every patient’s unique needs.
  • Tailor treatment plans to ensure a perfect fit for each patient

  • Adapt plans easily as patient needs evolve for dynamic and effective treatments

  • Simplify decision-making with clear visuals and progress tracking to encourage treatment acceptance

Payments & Billing
One-and-done payments inside one platform (no more double-entry). Make payments and billing an effortless part of your practice with TopsPay.
  • Process 100% PCI-compliant automated and recurring payments (zero paper checks required)

  • Issue hassle-free refunds and see same-day and immediate voids for payments

  • Track ACH returns and insufficient funds on the patient ledger for clear insight into patients' payment abilities

Tops TotalPackage
Upgrade your practice effortlessly with Tops, an authorized Apple reseller. Embrace the latest in technology with our easy refresh, return, and purchase hardware program for all your Apple needs.
  • Enjoy seamless technology upgrades with our Apple product subscription service

  • Keep your practice modern with automatic updates every three years

  • Choose flexibility: join our program or outright purchase

  • Secure your practice and keep data safe with the latest, reliable Apple hardware

Getting started with Tops is easy.

Regretting you didn’t do it sooner is the hard part.
“The best thing I can say for Tops is that I just don’t have to think about it all day long, because it’s just doing its job.”
—Dr. Rob Aszkler, Aszkler Orthodontics