Tops Orthodontist Approved Software Solutions

Complete Patient Care in an Instant

Security meets reliability. Ortho office management has never been smoother with our fast, secure, Mac-based app. Tops combines a suite of practice tools into one easy-to-use platform with a single login. Check out everything Tops has to offer below.

Join thousands of orthodontists around the world

From Birmingham, Alabama, to Harare, Zimbabwe, Tops is the favorite choice of doctors and staff who value ease, speed, security, and reliability.

The best customer support

The entire Tops support team has worked in orthodontic practices. We know your pains—and we love getting to know you.

Practice-wide updates instantly

Update a patient’s chart in the front, and in 0.013 seconds the chart is updated on every other workstation. That’s real-time patient care.

Runs on Mac

We’re backed by the security of Apple hardware and world class programming. We’ve never had a breach— browser-based systems can’t make the same boast.

Reliable software makes reliable staff

Tops is never down and never stalls. Let your staff operate at their highest productivity and provide the best in patient care.

Easy Imaging

Tops imaging integration includes your favorite intraoral scanners and the easiest universal lab management system. Store and access STL files worry-free.

Go with the Patient Flow

Get a 360 chair-side view from anywhere in your office. Alert your doctor and clinical staff to waiting patients or critical Tx info on one screen.

The entire patient journey in one place

The technology inside your orthodontic practice should work hard for you. Tops’ complete ecosystem gives you the power, speed, and agility to move on to what’s next.

Online Intake Forms
Get seamless intake of new patients with secure, easy-to-complete, and fully customizable forms.
  • HIPPA compliant e-signatures

  • Patients can complete forms at home

  • Verify insurance before the first appointment

Appointment Reminders
Automatically send HIPAA-compliant email and SMS text messages to remind patients of appointments.


Text message appointment reminders have been proven to reduce no-show rates by almost 40%.

  • Staff can work from the patient chart or messaging platform to engage with all active patients.

  • Accept images from patients who may be experiencing orthodontic Tx emergencies.

  • Automatically send Google and Facebook review links to let your patients share their experiences.

"We cannot thank you enough for making changes to your system and allowing offices to customize appointment reminders! This has been a game changer for sure and has taken away so much stress off of our office team members and patients!"

Janelle Baum, Aszkler Orthodontics

One-touch Check-in
Easy patient one-touch check-in via iPad® instantly updates all workstations in your office with check-in information.

No lines at the front desk. Less stress and fewer interruptions for staff. Doctors can see patients checking in from their office or another clinical chair.

Edit photos, create galleries, and access your x-rays and cephalometric tracing files with Tops Imaging. Open charts, ledgers, Tx windows, chats, and more.

Works with your iTero® intraoral scanner. Upload directly to Invisalign’s ClinCheck with the Tops integration. You're one click away from using SureSmile too—without going anywhere. Complete imaging control with Tops.

Lab Management
One spot to submit and to track all lab prescriptions—even when they're placed with different labs in different locations. Lab Management features include automation to make submitting prescriptions faster.

Submit to any lab anywhere. If a lab isn't in the EasyRx database, you can have it added. Track the shipping progress to your office—so when a patient calls or comes to the office asking where their aligners are, you can tell them without guessing.

Patient Compliance
Increase treatment compliance with videos for cleaning, braces management, aligner usage, and more.

Track which patients watch their assigned compliance videos, and explain the consequences of noncompliance with Tx to parents. Reward patients with high Tx compliance to boost patient experience make your office fun. Give patients the tools to learn how to take care of orthodontic hardware without spending hours of chair time each week.

"Patient Education is a wonderful component within Tops. We use it widely during consultations. I can pull together specific videos and see whether or not they were watched by the patient. It really helps them visualize what’s coming.”

Dr. Scott Blackman

Payments & Billing
Handle payments inside the Tops app. Process credit card recurring payments automatically. One and done (i.e., no double entry).
  • No fees per account (like some other third-party payment systems)

  • Payments are stored with all other patient details in their chart, easily accessible for your staff

Retention & Acquisition
Analyze your practice’s clinical and commercial performance from thousands of data points organized into easy-to-read reports.

Set goals and measure team and individual effort at every level (treatment coordinator, financial coordinator, clinical staff, etc.).

Compare your performance to real data from other practices in your region with benchmarking, and better understand your marketplace strengths and weaknesses.

“Practice Performance Analytics makes looking at data fun. It is so intuitive, so visual, and so easy to read and follow.” “I love the ability to assign metrics to key individuals. It allows us as a team to stay in our lanes and have distinct measurables. I don’t know how I practiced without it for all these years!”

Dr. Jerek Petrous, Petrous Orthodontics

Getting started with Tops is easy.

Regretting you didn’t do it sooner is the hard part.
“The best thing I can say for Tops is that I just don’t have to think about it all day long, because it’s just doing its job.”
—Dr. Rob Aszkler, Aszkler Orthodontics