Orthodontic Lab Prescription Management

Scripts, Lab Tracking, and 3D Images Right in the Chart

EasyRx is the ultimate lab prescription management system. Send and track lab prescriptions anywhere in the world or to your in-house lab. Check outstanding lab cases, upload and edit 3D images, and store STL files.

Plus, it’s all accessible from the patient’s chart—not a 3rd party website.

  • Manage all lab cases in one convenient location.
  • Track up-to-date lab prescription statuses to better schedule patient appointments.
  • Save massive STL files in the cloud and free up computer memory.

Universal lab management powered by EasyRx

Easy from the start

How easy is EasyRx Lab Management? Use the EasyRx Universal Lab Prescription form to submit lab, clear aligner, and digital lab prescriptions. Track the status of prescriptions anytime. View your lab’s standard prescription pricing so you can be upfront about patient billing.

No surprise lab prescriptions

Save your staff time and reduce errors with custom lab prescription templates. View and base STL files with EasyRx 3D software. Ensure every scan is accounted for and every case is delivered on time with intra-oral scanner integrations.

Go in-house anytime

Ready to put that 3D printer to use? No sweat! Enjoy the same lab prescription tools and accept Rx's (with STL digital files). Use EasyRx 3D software with AI automation to prepare files for printing.

Join thousands of happier Orthodontists

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“Fear is a liar. Changing software to Tops was a seamless process with only positive results, practice growth, and praise from all angles.”

Dr. Jen Butler

Conway, SC

“Tops allows me to focus on patient care, with real-time access to data that ensures I render timely and efficient therapy.”

Dr. Dennis Dionne

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"EasyRx allows us to streamline our digital workflow by connecting both of our offices to our In-house Lab.  It also allows us to pull scans from our different devices. Simply put, it connects all the dots for use with the different scanners and lab software. We love the tracking ability for appliances."

Dr. Don S.
Spillers Orthodontics

The fix for lost or late appliances

Integrated orthodontic Lab Management powered by EasyRx® gives you total control from Rx to Tx. Use automated workflows to speed up appliance and aligner creation. Then, watch your patient's lab prescription as it travels from the lab to your practice.

  • Go digital with lab and lab prescription management for security and simplicity.
  • Quickly invite any lab (new or existing) to join EasyRx at no charge.
  • Software prepares your digital scans to streamline 3D printing.

Optimize your orthodontic lab prescription workflow with Lab Management

Don’t let lab prescriptions slow your practice down. From case entry to invoice, EasyRx is the ultimate resource for easier lab Rx workflows.