Get a Mac (Not the Sticker Shock)

TopsTotalPackage allows you to upgrade your Apple hardware with all new tech every 3 years. You’ll send it back, and we’ll send you the latest drop.

Tops is an Apple Authorized Reseller. So you can purchase hardware directly from your orthodontic practice management software.

  • Avoid hefty upfront costs with low monthly payments.
  • Replace all your hardware with the newest model every 3 years.
  • AppleCare+ covers repairs to computers.

Hardware as dependable as you are

Pick your Apple products

Tops offers a range of Apple products, including Mac desktop and laptop computers, iPads, iPhones, and Magic Mouse and Keyboards.

Equip staff with a spectrum of support

Choose from supplementary office solutions like iPad stands, scanners, printers, label makers, backup drives, and more!

Upgrade to the latest and greatest

Outfit your office with Mac desktops and laptops for your front desk and chairside charting. Add a new iPad to your patient check-in station.

Join thousands of happier Orthodontists

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“Fear is a liar. Changing software to Tops was a seamless process with only positive results, practice growth, and praise from all angles.”

Dr. Jen Butler

Conway, SC

“Tops allows me to focus on patient care, with real-time access to data that ensures I render timely and efficient therapy.”

Dr. Dennis Dionne

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The tech your patients want, and you need

Patients love being greeted by a practice full of Apple products when they walk in the door. You’ll love the security of Apple’s hardware and software ecosystem. Tops was built for Mac, so your practice management software (PMS) will run just like any other app — reliable, fast, and easy!

  • Keep your practice’s data safe with Tops PMS, engineered to run natively on Mac.
  • Add Tops iPad Check-in to your lobby, instantly improving patient satisfaction and flow.
  • Simplify expense tracking with one payment bundle for your orthodontic software and office hardware.

Upgrade your entire practice with Tops TotalPackage

Our Apple Authorized Reseller status is US only. For international practices, we work with Apple Business Teams.