Orthodontic Patient Tracking Software

Optimize New Patient Conversion

Glide through new patient exams with centralized information, including insurance details, intake forms, appointment details, reminders, and payment presentation tools.

Gaidge Consult Manager helps you create effective conversion strategies.

  • Select patient details in Tops; data auto-uploads daily for easy treatment conversion.
  • Give your Treatment Coordinator all the info they need to get patients started in one tool.
  • Make patient costs and plan options crystal clear with the payment presentation feature.

Make your admin team more efficient with Gaidge Consult Manager®

Patient conversion dashboard

Track insurance verification, new patient forms, and appointment confirmations at a glance in the dashboard. Prioritize follow-up tasks for your whole admin team.

Slider payment presentation

Empower patients to personalize their Tx experience with a payment slider tool and plan acceptance via email. Impress them with interactive visuals and customized details.

Track pending follow-ups

Creating manual daily reports clogs up your Treatment Coordinator's day. See which patients need follow-up actions quickly and easily without toggling between screens.

Join thousands of happier Orthodontists

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“Fear is a liar. Changing software to Tops was a seamless process with only positive results, practice growth, and praise from all angles.”

Dr. Jen Butler

Conway, SC

“Tops allows me to focus on patient care, with real-time access to data that ensures I render timely and efficient therapy.”

Dr. Dennis Dionne

Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Never lose a new patient lead again

Make your office and patients happier with one seamless solution to simplify treatment conversion. Tailor conversion tasks for the whole team, including options to customize by location, doctor, coordinator, insurance, etc.

  • Capture signed digital intake forms with Gaidge Forms.
  • Spot areas that can be streamlined in your patient acquisition conversion process.
  • Reduce manual tracking and reporting.

Put the coordination back in Tx Coordinator

Handle everything you need to track follow-ups and convert patients in one easy-to-read screen.