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Let’s Talk Appointment Management.

When it comes to appointment management, you want a system that is clean, easy and precise. Boom! Boom! Boom! You get all three with topsOrtho™. Our appointment management places patients at the optimal time, ensuring an efficient workflow. 

topsOrtho’s Appointment Management includes:

SMS Appointment Reminders. 2-way text messaging that makes it easy for patients to respond. The clean setup and cascading reminder scheduling make it extremely flexible. ALL built into topsOrtho!

topsCheckin™. With topsCheck-In for iPad app, patients can use an iPad as a touch-screen check-in kiosk (instead of a computer monitor and keyboard). When patients arrive at your office, a patient will select his or her name on the touch screen to check in. Once a patient checks in, all workstations will automatically update. What’s more, topsCheck-In for iPad reflects appointment changes immediately.