7 Tips to Make Orthodontic Patient Billing Easy

Callie Norton
May 10, 2024
5 min read

Follow These Orthodontic Billing Guidelines for Easier Payments

Goodbye, Billing Headaches!

It's no secret that orthodontic patient billing is one of the biggest headaches in your practice. From navigating insurance policies to submitting claims and decoding complex CDT codes, the effort can be overwhelming. And, worst of all, it eats into time you'd rather spend on patient care.  

But for a financially healthy practice, you can't leave your finances on the back burner. That's why you need a seamless billing and payments process.  

Luckily, it doesn't have to be daunting. With Tops's seven practical tips, you can make your orthodontic billing efficient, streamlined, and stress-free.  

1. Build a Strong Orthodontic Team  

Your team is a critical factor in the success of your orthodontic practice, especially in financial management. As such, your staff must stay current on updated financial policies. They should also be proficient in billing and payment procedures.

With regular training sessions, you can keep your team sharp and informed about the latest practices and regulations. Plus, they allow your staff to familiarize themselves with new features and updates in your billing software. As a result, they'll be able to manage financial tasks more efficiently and effectively.  

💡 Tops Pro Tip

Use intuitive software with a helpful support team. You can use Tops to build a stronger, more productive team. Its intuitive interface makes learning and using the software straightforward for your staff.

Not to mention, Tops offers comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team is fully comfortable using the software. With Tops, you can be confident in how your team handles your practice's financial operations.  

2. Communicate Payment Details Up Front  

Often, the billing process is just as complex for your patients as it is for your practice. Breaking down the details upfront can demystify the payment process, reducing confusion and potential disputes. Clear communication about orthodontic treatment costs, dental insurance coverage, and payment options sets realistic expectations and builds trust.  

To communicate more clearly, your Treatment Coordinator can utilize visual aids during consultations. This allows you to clearly illustrate treatment plan costs and payment schedules. You can also distribute pre-prepared handouts detailing common billing scenarios and FAQs for patients to take home.  

Overall, providing this information during initial consultations or through easy-to-understand materials can significantly enhance patient satisfaction and streamline your billing procedures.  

💡Tops Pro Tip

Use Gaidge Forms in Tops to streamline your upfront communication. You can send these customizable forms directly to patients before their visits. You'll also be able to gather insurance details early on, saving time spent on admin tasks during appointments.  

Plus, take advantage of Gaidge Consult Manager (GCM) for streamlined financial discussions. This handy Tops integration gathers all the essential details, like insurance and treatment plans, in one easy-to-view place. Its Payment Presentation tool is especially useful. It lets you show patients their cost breakdowns and payment options in a clear, visually appealing way.

Not to mention, GCM helps you wrap up financial discussions more effectively — leading to quicker decisions and happier patients.  

3. Set Up Auto-Pay Plans  

Manual payment processing can be a tedious, time-consuming, and often error-prone task. Constantly inputting payment details and chasing down late payments wastes valuable time. It also leads to an inconsistent flow of payments. This can disrupt the overall financial stability of your practice.  

For a more hands-off, set-it-and-forget-it payment strategy, auto-pay plans can be a game-changer.

It ensures timely payments, reduces administrative workload, and offers a more consistent cash flow for your practice.  

💡Tops Pro Tip

Manage auto-payments with TopsPay. With its seamless integration into the Tops app, setting up and handling auto payments is a straightforward task. It's a useful tool for automating billing, so you can focus on orthodontic care instead of manual payment entry. Plus, it helps maintain a steady cash flow by consistently processing payments on their due dates.  

4. Offer Flexible Payment Options  

Limited payment options limit your practice financially. Think about it: If you only offer a narrow range of payment methods, you may not meet the diverse preferences of your patient base. Accepting different payment methods, such as credit cards, ACH payments, and insurance cards, helps reach more people. This approach to flexibility caters to patient convenience and enhances your payment process efficiency.  

💡Tops Pro Tip

Offer payment flexibility with TopsPay. TopsPay supports a variety of payment methods, from credit cards to ACH transactions. This integration within the Tops system means you can easily adapt to your patients' preferred payment styles. That way, your practice is easier to reach, making payments smoother for patients and improving financial management.  

5. Handle Payment Issues Proactively  

While you can't completely avoid payment issues in your practice, you can nip many of them in the bud before they even happen. It's important to monitor payment activities and swiftly communicate with patients about discrepancies or potential issues. Moreover, a system that alerts you of failed transactions and lets you monitor card expiry dates helps you act promptly. As a result, you'll be able to maintain a smooth billing cycle and prevent interruptions in your practice's cash flow.  

💡Tops Pro Tip

Use TopsPay to stay ahead of payment issues. The system promptly notifies you of failed payments, allowing for immediate action. Additionally, its features make tracking card expiration dates straightforward, helping you stay ahead of potential issues.

By staying updated on these important details, you guarantee a consistent and dependable payment process in your practice.  

6. Keep Everything Organized in One Place  

It can be impossible to get anything done with disorganized workflows. Jumping between browsers, sorting through different software for patient information, and managing payments can be chaotic. Just like every other aspect of your practice, billing benefits immensely from an organized, centralized system. It saves time, reduces errors, and streamlines operations, allowing you to run a more efficient — and less stressful — practice.  

💡 Tops Pro Tip

Centralize your practice's billing operations with TopsPay. This fully integrated solution brings together patient billing information, payment processing, and financial reporting in one place. TopsPay makes billing easier by removing the need to switch between systems. The result is a smoother experience for your team.  

7. Secure Timely Payments with Follow-Up Messages  

With your team ready and billing processes streamlined, the final step is ensuring payments are consistent. Keeping in touch with patients is key, especially when it comes to billing.  

Furthermore, reaching out to patients via text or email for payment reminders can be incredibly time-saving. More efficient than phone calls, digital messaging saves your front desk from manually calling each patient.  

Additionally, it allows you to send direct, personalized reminders about upcoming payment deadlines. For your patients, it provides an opportunity to address any billing queries patients might have. And since texting is their preferred method, it's a win-win for efficiency and satisfaction.

💡Tops Pro Tip

Use TopsDPX for efficient patient messaging. This platform enables your team to text or email patients about their accounts, which is often more effective than phone calls. Patients tend to respond faster to digital messages, making communication more effective.  

What's more, it simplifies tracking each interaction, providing a clear record for your team. They can easily record the date and time of each follow-up. This helps them keep track of overdue accounts and have a clear record of reaching out to patients. With Tops DPX, you can handle these important conversations with greater ease and organization, streamlining your billing efficiency.  

Put Orthodontic Billing Worries to Rest with Tops

Managing your practice's finances can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be a source of constant stress. With a strong strategy and modern technology, you can streamline the process and gain peace of mind.  

Tops, an all-in-one orthodontic software solution, offers everything you need to manage — and conquer — financial workflows. From easier payments and automated reminders to helpful support and comprehensive training, Tops simplifies the complex world of billing. It's designed to seamlessly fit into your existing systems, making financial tasks easier and less time-consuming.  

Ready to simplify your billing process? Tops is here to help! Schedule a demo today and start your journey to easier, more efficient billing today.

The entire patient journey in one place

The technology inside your orthodontics practice should work hard for you. Tops’ complete ecosystem gives you the power, speed, and agility to move on to what’s next.


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