Practice Management Software: When Less Isn’t More

Mark S. Sanchez, DDS, Founder and CEO of Tops Software™
September 22, 2022
2 min read

Compromise vs. Quality in Software

When I first went into practice, I followed a path of balance. I wanted to get the right equipment, but without going overboard on debt. You can want the best of everything, but budgets don’t always allow for that option.

However, there was one area where I refused to compromise—instruments. And specifically? My pliers. I bought the best model I could find.

That adherence to getting the right tool for the job probably goes back to my Military Dad. Despite the fact that I could have spent less, I knew that the right tool is always the best investment.

Let me add that all these years later, yes, I’m still using those pliers.

It might have been a convenience to buy something for less, but it would have been a compromise in quality.

That’s what guided me when I first started looking at practice management software. I created TopsOrtho™ in 1992 because I knew I could create a better, more efficient, and dependable program than any other on the market.

I was rather impressed with the Mac® computer. I figured I would write my own program—so I did. I really like the intuitive nature of the Mac. It was also fast and reliable.

In the late 1990s, Apple announced an upgraded operating system, Mac OS X—built on the UNIX platform. It was without equal.

I wanted Tops to be its best so I went after and hired Aaron Hillegass, who was a global leader for programming UNIX on the Mac. Aaron’s previous experience included teaching Apple programmers. In fact, Aaron has trained programmers at Pixar, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb, and Nextdoor. I made Aaron our Chief Architect.

The rest is history.

The entire patient journey in one place

The technology inside your orthodontics practice should work hard for you. Tops’ complete ecosystem gives you the power, speed, and agility to move on to what’s next.

Convenience vs. Quality

So…. this is where our Quality versus Convenience talk really hits its mark.

You’ll often hear us claim that Tops is a 100% Real Mac app.

Here’s why: Tops is the perfect combination of Apple hardware, macOS, and a native app. Those 3 elements—that’s the magic! It’s 100% Real Mac.

  1. Runs on an Apple Mac computer.
  2. Designed for the Mac Operating System.
  3. Operates as a native, cloud-based macOS app.

All 3 add up to 100% Real Mac.

The power of 100% Real Mac is lost when substitutions are made to any of the 3 essential components. Running Windows® on Mac hardware or using a web browser significantly reduces the Superpowers we all want: fast, easy, and reliable in a secure environment. You want the real deal.

Your practice will run better than ever. Most Tops practices have no need for an IT person. All data is securely stored in our High-Performance Cloud. No more backups. In addition, you’ll have the full support of award-winning team Tops.

For the record, let me also add that you become a Tops Doc for a lot less than you think. Ask us how our TopsTotalPackage™ can get you new computers/gear every 3 years for one low, monthly price.

Don’t settle for cheap. Insist on quality. Become our next Tops Doc and elevate your practice!

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