tops Platform One™

We believe that inside everyone is a Superhero waiting to be discovered. And from day 1, Platform One™ has endowed practices around the world with the 3 greatest superpowers: fast, easy, and reliable.


Blazing fast is more like it. From top to bottom, Platform One is built to operate at the highest speed. How is that possible? topsOrtho is a 100% Real Mac app running on real UNIX/macOS. Your staff will love its speed. Superheroes need to be quick when saving the day.


User experience is so very important! Designed with the user in mind, Platform One is highly intuitive and a management program you can learn and master quickly. The real world practice experience of our founder, Dr. Mark Sanchez, is our secret weapon. He provides key insights to the flow of a successful orthodontic practice.


You’re flying along when suddenly, your computer locks up and crashes! Not so with Platform One. You get a fast, easy, and reliable experience every time. No downtime for software updates. No worries about viruses or networking headaches. It’s plug-and-play.

Are you ready to be a Superhero?

Harness the superpowers of topsOrtho and unleash the Superheroes on your team!

D7 Matrix™: Your key to efficiency and profits

The D7 Matrix in Platform One unveils the efficiency patterns in your practice that old-school, one-dimensional reporting can never uncover. It’s a dynamic approach that gives orthodontists a much clearer vision of what’s happening in their practice.

topsExpress™: The Ultimate in Secure Communication!

Once again, Platform One unleashes unmatched innovation! Our fully integrated digital communications suite makes patient communication more efficient, more secure, and easier than ever.




Connect quickly and securely to real-time practice information, from your iPhone or iPad with our topsEcho app. You’ll get patient information, high-resolution images, X-rays, appointments, ledgers, schedule, referring doctor information, treatment notes and more.




topsCheck-in for iPad



  • Patients check in with the touch of a finger.
  • Workstations update automatically, in less than a second (13 milliseconds, to be exact!).
  • Setup is a breeze.



topsCheck List


topsChecklist empowers you to go paperless! Say goodbye to your printer and hello to your iPad. Create your own custom forms, and let your patients securely complete them on an iPad.



Does tops Platform One™ sounds right for your practice?

Harness the superpowers of topsOrtho and unleash the Superheroes on your team!