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D7 Matrix™: Your key to efficiency and profits

Every Superhero knows that X-ray vision gives you a clear view of tough situations. It’s like the marvels of CBCT!

topsOrtho™ D7 Matrix™ unveils the efficiency patterns in your practice that old-school one-dimensional reporting can never uncover. The D7 Matrix offers much more! It’s a dynamic approach that gives orthodontists a much clearer vision of what’s happening in their practice.

Running proper reports can be a painful and inefficient process. With the D7 Matrix, tops Docs have found the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. In just one or two clicks, anyone—doctors, staff members, consultants—are able to create an interactive multidimensional analysis.

  • Our secret blend of 7-dimensional data opens a view to key levels of practice efficiency.
  • Know if your patients are finishing treatment on time.
  • Identify which treatment methods are most efficient and profitable.
  • Track pending, unscheduled and near-end patients. No slipping through the cracks.
  • Know exactly how effectively your treatment coordinator is performing.

D7 Matrix gives your Superhero Treatment Coordinator X-ray vision into efficiency and profitability!