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Partnering with Patients to do their part. 

tops understands the importance of having patients do their homework to make their healthcare receive the maximum benefits. We incorporated Braces Academy™ right into our practice management software, to educate and communicate directly with patients. 

  • Informative Videos for Patient Education
  • After completing video, patients can “like” the orthodontist’s video on Facebook. 
  • Improve Efficiency and Communication with Patients and Parents
  • Expansive Patient and Staff Education Video Library
  • Braces Academy Increases Dental Referrals.
  • Connects directly to Patient Rewards Hub

Video topics includes:

  • Wearing rubber bands
  • Brushing teeth properly
  • Wearing of brackets and other assigned appliances
  • Aligners — Turning in expanders
  • Use of vibratory stimulator
  • Medications