A Great Plan for a Great Future

Just like any great business, the business plan for an orthodontic start-up must be in place with timelines and budgets. The first step is to determine where the best location would be to establish your future life. Consider areas that you have connections with and possible General Dental or Pediatric feeders that would help jumpstart the process. When starting a practice, it is all about how fast you can build the network and conversation within the community.

Need Help Starting Your Practice?

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Remember These 5 When Starting Your Practice

1– Choose your branding first thing! Design your logo, website, and social media presence. These tools will be used throughout the launch of your business and will give a platform for office design and colors.

2– Don’t build too big! Begin with an exam/consultation room and two to three chairs. You have plenty of time to add chairs later. Potentially, you may rotate days in your favor to appear busy to the consumer from the beginning.

3– Hire people who will help you grow the practice! Begin with a Scheduling Coordinator who will be a great Marketing Coordinator. She will be the face and voice of the practice when you’re just starting. I would also consider a Treatment Coordinator/Assistant. This would be a person who could take all diagnostics, sell cases, and assist you at the chair as the practice grows.

4– When building out or building from scratch, take time with the plan. Look at the basic equipment needs as sterilization (cassettes), x-ray unit, computer software and computer set up, phones, front desk set-up and exam/consultation room set up, mini-lab/lab scanner, etc.

5– Set a budget and stick to it! You are the one that sells the cases; the bells and whistles of technology and quick fixes are just tools to enhance the experience.

Char Eash is the founder and CEO of Profit Marketing Systems South, inc., a Systems and Communication Enhancement firm for the progressive Orthodontic practice. She works with orthodontic teams across the country 40+ weeks a year and defines orthodontic systems for efficiency and profitability. Char has also played a vital role in the development and launch of OrthoLync. Ortholync is a company founded on the premise that a positive patient experience can be enhanced greatly by technological advances in communication and practice workflow tools. OrthoLync provides the complete branding package. This may include logo design, website design and social media presence.